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Need actors for a four part mini-series/short film

Posted by on Wed, May 04 2016 at 03:16 PM CDT:

I am looking for men and women ages 18-24 to star in the DEDZstudios Productions four part mini-series/short film “Dave & Laura” if you are interested please contact me at daniel.yovella@gmail.com. Please include an audition tape and your contact information. The deadline is June 5, 2016. I will not accept anything after the deadline.

I will let you know if you have been selected for a part in the short film on June 15, 2016

This will give me the chance to view all the auditions and fairly decide who the actors will be. I will not contact anyone before said date. If you do not get a part in this short film I may contact you at a later date to star in another short film. Filming will begin late June/early July. Must be able to travel to and from Poughkeepsie, NY. This is an unpaid acting experience.


The Characters:
(NOTE: Hair length, eye color, and height are all suggestions and can be changed. I am willing to change the properties to fit the actor playing the character. The ages in the characters’ profiles can also be changed if needed.)

Amy: speaks at normal level unless she’s with Laura then she’s loud, long brown hair (A little past the shoulders) about 5’5”, 21 year old, hair is always straight is sometimes up but is usually down.

Andrea: Soft spoken, long brown hair (about half way down her back), about 5’5”, 22 year old, very rarely smokes. when smoking usually smokes e-cigs. very nice. talks at a normal speed, doesn’t yell or get angry. Hair always straight and is sometimes up but is usually down. Nick’s sister

Connor: 19 year old, speaks at a normal level, short (almost buzz cut) dark brown hair, 5’8”, heavy pot smoker. drinks, sometimes nice, mean to Steve when drunk. Steve, Maxine, and Laura’s brother.

Courtney: Long brown hair (a little past shoulders), 5’6”, 22 year old, nice girl, rarely smokes pot. Hair is always straight and is sometimes up and sometimes down.

Dave: has short dark brown hair, sometimes forgets to shave, sometimes talks fast, about 5' 6”, 22 year old. Nice, caring, almost always happy, very rarely gets angry, very neat and organized, always tries to fix relationship problems between friends and family (even if the problems can’t be fixed), doesn’t give up easily. Very careful (doesn’t like getting hurt physically or emotionally.) Tries to make everyone happy. Happy go-lucky. Fast talker, unless he’s around people he doesn’t know. Can talk way to much and sometimes talks about things that nobody cares about. Makes sure Joe is listening to him when he believes Joe is tuning him out. Joe’s Brother.

Elise: Long blond hair (shoulder length), 23 year old, friends with Laura, Only appears in one scene, drinks, about 5’6”, dating Frank

Frank: Only appears in one scene, dating Elise, 23 year old, short dark brown hair (buzz cut short), drinks, about 5’8”.

Joe: Dirty-Blond hair, blue eyes, 18 year old, about 5’10”. Dave’s brother. Comforts Dave when needed, but sometimes insults him (not when comforting) rarely sarcastic. Tells Dave when Laura is talking bad about him. Fast talker. Usually happy but has some bad days. Can talk to much and sometimes talks about things that nobody cares about, tones Dave out when he talks about things he doesn’t want to hear. Even though he is underage he drinks, Dave only catches him once. Sometimes short tempered.

John: African-American, about 5’8”, 22 years old. Dating Andrea. Likes to joke around, is loud. Since he began dating Andrea, he has become nicer and less terrifying to be around. Best friends with Connor, also a pot smoker.

Laura: Long brown hair (shoulders length), icy blue eyes (eyes don’t have to be blue), 21 year old must be willing to dye hair blond 3 quarters of the way through film. Hair is to the shoulder when blonde. Must be able to talk relatively fast and impersonate other talking styles, about 5'6" smokes cigarettes and e-cigs, occasionally smokes a joint. When getting excited will stutter on few words, usually the first word of each sentence and maybe two or more words in a sentence. Usually the instigator of the problems. When she drinks, drinks a lot. Acts nice but always seems to be planning to do something to Dave, Has a tell that lets Dave know when she’s going to talk bad about him behind his back or when she’s planning to do something to him, tell is a flirty smile that she flashes at Dave. Can be sarcastic, when angry she is short tempered and very, very angry. Sometimes will have her hair up in a ponytail, if her hair is down it’s always straight but if it’s in a ponytail it might be curly. Very energetic. Connor, Maxine, and Steve’s sister.

Maxine: Long Blond hair (a third past her shoulders) , brown eyes (again eyes don’t have to be brown) Must be able to talk relatively fast and impersonate other talking styles, about 5’6”. 22 year old Caring, nice, and usually in the middle of Dave & Laura’s problems. Laura, Connor and Steve’s sister. Hair is sometimes up but is mostly down and is always straight.

Nick: Has shaggy dark brown hair, about 5’7”, 24 years old talks at a moderate speed. Nice guy. Smokes rarely (trying to quit). Andrea’s brother.

Steve: Short brown hair (buzz cut), loud, about 5’7”, fast talker. 17 year old, drinks, is short tempered but is usually care free. Joe’s best friend. Likes to play video games. Laura, Connor, and Maxine’s brother. Tells Dave when Laura is talking about him behind his back. Also watches out for Dave. Energetic.

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