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URGENT CASTING: student film with Budget "The Forgotten"

Posted by on Fri, Sep 12 2014 at 05:38 PM CDT:

We are looking for talent in the area of Poughkeepsie NY. We will be holding casting this weekend september 13th and 14th 9am to 5pm.

We are looking for:

Character Descriptions

Ryan Robinson: The main character is a young man loyal to his mother and friends and beaming with a positive attitude. Ryan is the boy that everyone looks up to and respects. He’s quite sensitive to the fact that he grew up without a dad, something that still haunts him.
Time Commitment: Lead Character
Payment: Yes
Location: Marist College or Close by

Timmy Learnings: Timmy is the younger one in the group and also the most timid. He’s the easiest to manipulate and has a shallow sense of affection. He’s an immature kid and is insecure about his scrawny appearance, among other things. He struggles with his sexuality and his vulnerable interior translates to more aggressive exterior behavior occasionally. (picking on Ed)
Time Commitment: Lead Character
Payment: Yes

Ed Carvinski: Ed is the complete opposite of Timmy. His relationship with Ryan goes back very far and the group as a whole adores him, but also makes fun of him quite a bit. He eats a lot and is overweight. He has a strange sense with women, and has had a questionable sexual past. A well dressed young man with proper manors. No facial hair.
Time Commitment: Supporting
Payment: Yes

Mary Robinson: Mary, a tall, slender, and pretty women in her late 40’s is a wonderfully warm character. She has never informed Ryan about his father’s work or what he did after he left the family, leaving her with an empty feeling after many years. At a young age Mary unexpectedly got pregnant with Ryan, and with her husband so heavily involved with his work, Ryan, and his friends, became her entire world. After Dr.Crunstein left Mary with the burdened with his secrets, blackmailed by her own husband. She continues to hold back to what actually happened from Ryan
Time Commitment: 2-3 6 hour shoots in comfortable location
Payment: Possible

Nurse 1 and 2: After years of torment and mind altering experiments, the doctor’s two nurses/assistants are soft-spoken,obedient, and dressed in dark, tight clothes. Tall and slightly underfed, the two women have slight visible disfigurements on their faces and compliment the doctors bizarre attire.
Time Commitment: One 4-7 hour day
Payment: None

Jackie Levelle (reporter): Any professional-looking female reporter will do. Jackie looks more old school than katie. Her news package runs 20 years before Katie’s does.
Time Commitment: One 4-6 hour day

Katie Bruns (reporter): Any professional-looking female reporter will do. She could be a little more “edgy” than Jackie.
Time Commitment: One 4-6 hour day

We will be taking appointments but if you give us a heads up we will let you know so your not waiting.

You can contact me personally or call my cell at 845-532-3879


We look forward to meeting you.

Patrick Mullen

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