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Namesuroj sun

CommentsHi Vijit,

I am still an ardent reader of your blog. I have started writing one myself, thanks to you and other friends who introduced me to this blog world.
Keep writing, its the best way to be in touch with your creative side.

P.S. - Just curious. Did anything happen to that letter you had written to our PM?

NameShruthi Jayaprakash
CommentsHi Vijit
After a long time i visited ur blog.Nice to see many new things.good work.Keep it up.

Namea known stranger
CommentsHey hi vijit!

A common friend of ours introduced me to your blog..and im thankful to her for that :-). Muz say, you are a good weaver of words and your flows of thoughts is juz amazing! Reading your blog is a "visual-mindo" pleasure.. I dont think there is a word such as that in oxford, but juz meant that...its through the eyes that your words enter and stimulate the mind ;-). gr8 work!

well my heart said i should drop you a line and you see i "followed my heart"! ;-)

Lines from your blog "Next time you meet a stranger, take a pause. He/she could be a friendship waiting to happen.".. I did take a pause here on your blog.;-)

Looking forward for more such "visual-mindo" pleasure...


A Known Stranger

NameNicole Price
CommentsHi Vijit,
Loved your blog i look forward to reading your thoughts in the future.
Take care,

NameLerrick Ferrao
CommentsHi Vijit. Nice blog started out. Always wanted to start one myself. Great to know atleast I know someone who has a blog and a good one at that. :)

NameNagraj Shetty

It's really a great things to express.

I hope you continue to write this kind of knowledgeable things to educate common people.

I am very proud of you.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to sign my guestbook!