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NameTom Macdonald
CommentsLovely to see the history of Turner motor cars… my son and daughter now sleep in the old workshop in the Smithy in Seisdon! Wonderful to find out more about the history of our home!

NameTed Michalos
CommentsI have just bought chassis 567 from John Greenwood in Ontario, Canada. The car needs some work, but the plan is to get it back on track with VARAC in 2023...

NameDanny Dougherty
CommentsI have 950S, 30-160 under restoration in Powder Springs, Georgia, USA

NamePaul Gilbert
CommentsI own the 30/221 on page 25 of Unknown Turners. I live in Sun Valley NV. I also Own Turner 30/263 ?? I am not home so can't check numbers.

CommentsRB247. I have found a photo. of my rebuilt Turner RB247 . This was in 1969 . I can forward it to your register if needed . The car was still in Northern Ireland in 1970 . It was one of 3 Turners I owned in the 60ies .

NameNick Fitton
CommentsI used to know a Dave Scott in the late 70's. I believe he was the secy. of thh Turner Car Club. Is Dave still around

NameTed Barker
CommentsMy husband, Ted Barker, built his Alexander Turner Sports Car - BEFORE 1963 - when he emigrated to Melbourne Australia. We will be based in Birmingham July-September 2019, and he would love to come to the reunion in Wolverhampton. Please send more information. Thank you - Mary on behalf of Ted.

NameDan Dougherty
Comments950s number 30-160 is in a small town outside Atlanta Georgia USA. In my garage for 15 years. I started to restore it 15 years ago and got sidetracked. Retired, back working on it now and need rear torsion bar springs.

Name jim colwellq
Commentsi am working on 30/144 . almost
all rusty . very big project for me.
jim colwell .

NameJames ashley
Comments I had a Turner mark III for a few years from maybe 1979 to 82 in Mahwah N.J. tore it down to the frame, started to restore it but didnt get far. I remember it being picked up on a trailer and taken away. Would love if any members know of it. It was yellow. Thanks.


I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Russel & company for all the hard work that goes in setting up
and maintaining this web site

I needed information on The Turner Sports car

It all started in the early 60's in south africa when I first saw one and did not know what it was

It took nearly 40 years to find out
what make it was

Thanks to the encouragement of Russel we are now busy with the history of
the Turner Sports car in South Africa

As we go along we will report in to the boss Mr Russel

I am sure it will be put on the web



NameRobert McGimpsey
CommentsHI every one I like to report that Iam the new owner of Turner chassis number 67/0103/PC reg no TGC96E and I will be taking it back out to hillclimb again and put back on the road any history on this Turner would be appreciated thanks Robert

NameRonald James
CommentsI owned RB247 in the mid 60ies . She was a bit of a ruin , had been fitted with a climax engine ,raced in NIreland and badly crashed . I rebuilt it with a 948 cc ,drove 3 years and sold . I bought 2 other Turners ,an Alexander head, white non runner and a nearby new Ford engine , metallic blue ,full leather .

NameJon at British Repair Services Ltd
CommentsI am in the process of restoring a 950s here in East Lansing, Michigan. Chassis # 30/211

NameMichael Ffinch Mitchell
CommentsI was the East Sussex agent for Turner Sports Cars (j.s.m motors) of Eastbourne. We built two Kits with a type engines. They were certainly great little cars which we hill climbed at Firle. Can,t remember results but great fun.

NameLukas Oberholzer
CommentsDear friends
I am restoring the turner with Chassis No. 30 058 and I am looking for rubber parts used at torsion springs left and right hand side, ref. also drawing chassis Part nbr. each two of A4 and A5 as well as 2 times A9.
Can you help me where I can buy those?

NameRichard Masson
CommentsLovely site which reminded me of a bloke I used to know who raced a Superspeed engined Turner (Mk2?) in the 1960s. His name was John (?) Hamilton and used to drive his car to meetings all over the UK then race.
We worked together at Fords Dagenham in 1965 I think. Anybody know if his car survives?

NameMalcolm Kays
CommentsI owned EWP310C in from 1967 to 1969.
The car was blue with wire wheels and was powered by a 1650cc Superspeed GTS2 engine, producing 130 bhp.
The sad looking red car has so many differences to the one I owned I find it hard to believe that it is the same vehicle

NameLarry Baldwin
CommentsThanks for the memories....Loved my Turner even in Ohio winters...!

CommentsAs a youngster I can remember seeing my first Turner in the flesh at the Nottingham dealer "Teds Motors" on Huntingdon Street where I went to school, the only dealer signage was some clear perspex signs haning on chrome chains that included the Turner bandge and the Turner name.
The showroom at the junction of where Huntingdon St joins Mansfield Rd still exists but alas not selling cars anymore just secondhand furniture and looking down at heel.

CommentsI bought a Turner in 1961. 10 or so were shipped to the east coast 3 of these were sent to be sold to the San Francisco area. I purchased one (red). Owned it for about 5 yes. Raced it for the last 3. Sold it. Have no other info but do have pictures I could e-mail to you.

NameMike Muckle
CommentsHi, I owned and raced a Mk 3 Turner
#65-628 prior to moving from Virginia to an Island in the NW of Washington.
After boating for two years i realized that boats do not replace Vintage racing, especially in Turners. Two weeks ago I saw the Mk 1 Turner #60-415 advertised on the East coast, made a quick cross country flight,purchased the car and it is being transported to Lopez island now. I am looking forward to racing it with the Sovren club.

NameRon Parkes
Comments I have just sent an e-mail to the Registrar, about a Turner in Australia which has gone missing in the pat 7 years and which I am trying to track down. The site is very comprehensive and I hope to be in contacy again, if (when?) I find the car

Nameireland la
Commentslooking for information regarding the whereabouts of wof3/wof4

NameRussell Filby
CommentsThank you for visiting the Turner Sports Cars website , Please leave us some feedback here. The Turner website is run by the Turner Sports Car Register. If you have details of a car owned past or present please share them with us and help the register keep tabs on surviving cars worldwide or archive information on lost cars.