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Re: Turner Suspension set up

Posted by on January 18, 2012 at 09:26:08:

In Reply to: Re: Turner Suspension set up posted by Charles Marriott on November 24, 2011 at 05:14:05:

You need to consider several issues. If the inside wheel is lifting, then the swaybar may be too stiff. As the outside spring conpresses, the suspension moves upward. The anti-swaybar transfers this movement to the inside suspension assembly, lifting it also, thus lifting the inside tire.

I am running 500 lbs springs on my race car, with no bar, front or rear. Car is balanced and handles well. The only issue I had with front suspension was due to the rear torsion bars being incorrectly adjusted. My right front tire would lift during a high speed right hand turn. The problem was the left rear torsion bar was set too low with the driver on board. Basically, the car would settle onto the left rear corner, allowing the right front to become light. Raising the left rear and doing a good corner weighting solved the problem.

Good luck.


: : Charles
: : I am no expert and have not experimented much but my Climax Turner Mk 1 feels pretty well balanced using the original front springs (271 lbf/in). These have been lowered a little. The anti-roll bar (sway bar) is 11/16in. I have 2 deg of neg camber. The rear suspension is set 1/2 inch higher than the front.
: : I agree with you that less spring rate and more sway bar thickness may be better for you. Too much front stiffness gives a tendency to lift a wheel and understear.
: : I would be interested in anyone else's experience.
: : Andrew
: thanks Andrew - I think we are in agreement on softer spring rate and bigger diameter anti-roll bar - my car lifts an inside front wheel in corners indicating too much front stiffness
: : : my Turner race car has Spridget front suspension, can anyone help with spring rates and front antiroll bar diameter? I am currently running 500lb front springs with 5/8" antiroll bar - the car rolls excessively at the front and yet lifts an inside front wheel and understeers - I suspect I need to soften the springs and go up a size or two on the antiroll bar - any suggestions gratefully received

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