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Posted by on July 14, 2007 at 11:57:46:

Registered No. 04448546
Tel: 00447045716089

We are mobile phones wholesalers.We deals on all brands and models of mobile phones at a reasonable prices.We are using this medium to look for buyers of mobile phones.Do kindly reply back if you are interested and be kind enough to tell us the makes/models of product(s) you wish to order from our store. Email: vinpc@hotmail.co.uk

Nokia 3110 $70.95
Nokia 3220 $60.95
Nokia 3230 $100.95
Nokia 3250 $160.00
Nokia 5200 Red $90.95
Nokia 5300 $200.95
Nokia 5700 Black$199.95
Nokia 5700 Red $189.95
Nokia 6070 $119.95
Nokia 6080 $124.95
Nokia 6085 $159.95
Nokia 6110 Navigator $230
Nokia 6131 $204.95
Nokia 6151 $179.95
Nokia 6230i $179.95
Nokia 6233 $214.95
Nokia 6280 $234.95
Nokia 6288 $244.95
Nokia 6300 $234.95
Nokia 6680 $259.95
Nokia 6681 $214.95
Nokia 7360 $180.95
Nokia 7373 $200.00
Nokia 7373 Black$200.95
Nokia 7390 $199.00
Nokia 7390 Black $230.00
Nokia 7610 $110.00
Nokia 8600 Luna $220.95
Nokia 8800D Gold $400
Nokia 8800D Sirocco $250.00
Nokia 9500 $200.95
Nokia E50 $186.95
Nokia E61i $220.95
Nokia E65 $200.95
Nokia E65 Red $230.95
Nokia E90 $300.00
Nokia N70 $119.95
Nokia N70 Black Music Edition $130.95
Nokia N72 $150.95
Nokia N72 Pink $170.95
Nokia N72 Plum $165.95
Nokia N80 $170.00
Nokia N73 $160.00
Nokia N73 Black 2GB $200.95
Nokia N73 White Pink $189.95
Nokia N76 $260.00
Nokia N77 $280.95
Nokia N90 $150
Nokia N80 Bronze $164.95
Nokia N80- IE Edition $164.95
Nokia N91 $170.00
NOKIA N92 $180.95
Nokia N93i $230.95
Nokia N95 w/ 1GB Card $300.95

NEW Motorola
New Motorola RIZR Z8---$350usd
New Motorola KRZR K3---$270usd
New Motorola ROKR E6---$230usd
New Motorola Razr v3xx--- $250USD
New Motorola RAZR maxx V6---$230usd
New Motorola K1 ---$180usd
New Motorola a1200--- $200usd
New Motorola a1010 ---$180usd
New Motorola Mpx 300 ---$150usd
New Motorola Mpx 220 ---$140usd
New Motorola L7 ---$165usd
New Motorola SLVR L9---$195usd
New Motorola Q q9---$250usd
New Motorola Q---$230usd
New Motorola RIZR Z6---$220usd
New Motorola SLVR L7e---$225usd
New Motorola RIZR Z3---$190usd
New Motorola MOTOFONE F3---$200usd

NEW Sony Ericsson
New Sony Ericsson W880--- $300usd
New Sony Ericsson K810--- $280usd
New Sony Ericsson W610--- $200usd
New Sony Ericsson K550--- $165usd
New Sony Ericsson K220--- $150usd
New Sony Ericsson K200--- $145usd
New Sony Ericsson J120--- $170usd
New Sony Ericsson J110--- $150usd
New Sony Ericsson K550im--- $200usd
New Sony Ericsson W888--- $350usd
New Sony Ericsson W830--- $220usd
New Sony Ericsson W850--- $250usd
New Sony Ericsson W710--- $225usd
New Sony Ericsson Z710--- $260usd
New Sony Ericsson W710i--- $190usd
New Sony Ericsson Z710i ---$200usd
New Sony Ericsson k790A--- $230usd

NEW Samsungs
New Samsung BlackJack SGH-i607---$200usd
New Samsung X830 ---$250USD
New Samsung P310 ---$255USD
New Samsung P900--- $220usd
New Samsung D900 ---$300usd
New Samsung M500--- $280usd
New Samsung Q1 -----$200usd
New Samsung U700 -----$300usd
New Samsung U600 -----$280usd
New Samsung U300 -----$250usd
New Samsung U100 -----$200usd
New Samsung i710 -----$200usd
New Samsung i520 -----$170usd
New Samsung P110 -----$170usd
New Samsung E840 -----$230usd
New Samsung E830 -----$220usd
New Samsung E740 -----$210usd
New Samsung E590 -----$180usd
New Samsung F700 -----$190usd
New Samsung P940 -----$250usd
New Samsung P930 -----$240usd
New Samsung E790 -----$225usd

NEW i-mate
i-mate Ultimate 9150-----$350usd
i-mate Ultimate 8150-----$340usd
i-mate Ultimate 7150-----$300usd
i-mate Ultimate 6150-----$280usd
i-mate Ultimate 5150-----$230usd
i-mate JAQ4-----$200usd
i-mate PDAL-----$200usd
i-mate JAQ3-----$200usd
i-mate SPL-----$190usd
i-mate JAQ-----$230usd
i-mate JASJAM-----$230usd
i-mate SPJAS-----$250usd
i-mate Smartflip-----$200usd
i-mate JAMin-----$250usd
i-mate JASJAR-----$250usd
i-mate K-JAM-----$270usd
i-mate JAM Black-----$270usd

NEW E-ten
Eten glofiish M700-----$300
Eten glofiish X500-----$250
Eten M550-----$230
Eten G500+-----$220
Eten M600+-----$200
Eten G500-----$180
Eten M600-----$200
Eten M500-----$160

New Apple I-phone
Apple I-phone 8GB ---$250usd

NEW Sidekick
New D-Wade Limited Edition Sidekick 3---$200usd
New Diane von Furstenberg - Gizmodo sidekick 3-----$200
New LRG sidekick 3 special Edition-----$160usd
New Sidekick 3-----$140usd
New Sidekick 2-----$120usd
New Pink couture sidekick 2-----$135usd
New Mr. Cartoon sidekick-----$130usd

Brand new Video Game
New Nintendo WII-----$250
New Xbox 360-----$250
New Playstation 3 30GB-----$230
New Playstation 3 60GB-----$300

GPS Navigator:
Garmin Street Pilot C530 ... $250
Garmin Street Pilot C550 ... $300
Garmin Quest 2 Pocket GPS Navigator $150
Garmin nuvi 350 Portable... $300
GARMIN StreetPilot 7200, North America GPS Navigator...$400
Garmin StreetPilot 2730 GPS Navigator...$430
Garmin Street Pilot 2720....$300
Tomtom Go 700 GPS Navigator....$300
TomTom GO 300 All-In-One... $200
TomTom Rider GPS Navigator...$230
Palm LifeDrive Mobile Manager...$140

We await your order with your shipping information.

Best Regards

Micheal Uyana

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