I love photography and perpetuate people, objects and landscapes, so I gathered here a series of photographs and stories from my travels around the globe. So on the blog foto svijet you can find my finest works.

All days born lot of sites and web logs. Some of them will survive for few weeks or months, while others go further and persist for years decades. Here is one, just born,

The world around us is often distorted respect how we perceive it. At http://distorsione.blogfree.net/ there are some reflections about our environment that show us the different points of view to some events that could seem dissimilar if we take in consideration some aspects that the media try to hide from us. Some of articles are written in humoristic style so you will have some fun, too.

If you are curious about the evolution of our space and life, give a credit to veliki prasak and you will discover some new points of view on relative theme. The title means Big Bang in Croatian and treat interesting scientific arguments, but not disdains more easy topics about daily events and common life of our society.

http://nouw.com/mojdnevnik, in Croatian language that has uncertain future. So, to help it, I provide this liaison; the author is a friend of mine and I have some debt with him.

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Nobody is an island, nobody can live alone. We are social being and we need to interact with other persons. So we should not looking for isolation. The web world is the same thing as human life. To have some presence on my list I must try to do some marketing, to attract more visitors. This is an experimental project so I invite you to visit another list at address http://martist.onlytopsites.com/ helping me in this mode to reach more guests from all over the world.

I could not believe. There are 5 years from opening the list and itís still alive. So many congratulations to the authors and editors that permitted to this project to go ahead. Of course, we might do better and more, but final result can be considered satisfactory. The commitment of all staff was remarkable and continuous. Mark reviewed more than 1500 sites in this years, while Peter made his best to publicize our network. The help we had from Susan for logistics was very precious. So, a big thank to everyone and have a good work in the future. The first target is achieved.