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Re: B$B dvd arrived

Posted by Kees Stam on September 10, 2004 at 16:20:07:

In Reply to: Re: B$B dvd arrived posted by mark isaacs on September 10, 2004 at 15:33:24:

My copy arrived today as well and I agree with everything you say Mark.

*The sound is awful, too much 'treble' in a lot of scenes and, to make clear that this was a job in a hurry:
Listen to the titlesequence when the name Alan Osbistos appears, the tape slips or something!!! On a dvd!!! Or is it just mine? The mono soundtrack doesn't help either.

*The picture quality is alright ( I have a video which is just as good but OK...), the colours are a little bit warmer than my best videoversion I believe. The 1986 rentalvideo has a nice colour too.
*The deleted scene does have an influence: the whole sense of chaos is gone, Harry enters a very quiet, very decent, room. We know better. OK, it doesn't mess up the whole story but it is strange.

*I still can't believe they haven't added any extra, not even a trailer. They must know (but I am doubting now) that this film has a bit of a cultstatus by now. I would have loved to see the 10 min featurette about filming in Finland (which is on the Spies/Sleuths video of Spyguise). But there must be more in their archives. Following things exist:
-a teaser trailer
-a regular trailer
- TVspots varying from 10 seconds to a minute
None of this is used.
And yes, a commentary...

Yes, I am dissappointed too. We now have to wait for a "collector's version" which will be released in 10 years time...

Kees Stam

PS but on the positive side: yes you can listen to the spoken Italian or Castellan version!

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