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Re: B$B dvd arrived

Posted by on September 10, 2004 at 15:33:24:

In Reply to: B$B dvd arrived posted by Richard Booth on September 10, 2004 at 05:30:32:

My copy arrived today and where as I'm glad that the film has finally got an official DVD release I find the whole product really disapointing. Why they've duplicated the cover art from the early 1980's VHS rental version baffles me - it looked pretty shoddy then and now it's just woefuly out of date. When you consider the evocative 'Pop Art' graphics of the original film poster that they could have used! I must confess that I found the picture quality/transfer acceptable with a few vertical lines appearing here and there. Thankfully, the sadly necessary 'Beatles deletion' was well executed.It was the sound that shocked me. I really had to crank the volume up on my TV to get a 'decent' sound level - so much so that there was an audible 'hum' in the background that's really noticeable during the quiet scenes. Is it just my copy? Most 'old' movies released on DVD these days at a minimum include the original theatrical trailer. Where is B$B's trailer or 'making of' featurette?
MGM owns the rights to these so surely its not a cost issue. Even if the picture quality of these items is relatively poor surely their historical value warrents their inclusion? Anyone familiar with the black & white extras on the "Dr NO" DVD will know what I mean - very poor quality but historically invaluable. If 'damaged' footage is good enough for the biggest movie franchise in the world then its surely good enough for us! What about an audio commentary? A commentary by director Ken Russell would prove fascinating - he's a man NEVER short of provocative comment. He could have set the record straight about the film he allegedly 'never wanted to direct'. I realise that I'm sounding really negative here but this is a film that we have all loved for a very long time and I'm left feeling a little short changed. MGM have missed an opportunity to create the definitive version of a cult classic long overdue a re-appraisal.

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