"In the US, between the end of World War II and 1964, 78 million baby boomers were born and now are part of the "Boomers" generation. - Boomers are now entering middle age and changing the demographic of the total population. 4 out of 10 households are between ages 35 to 54 and the numbers of householders ages 45 to 54 will increase 20 percent from 1995 to year 2000. This is a generation identified with Iron Curtain, Berlin Wall, Cold War, Sputnik, Transistor Radios, Calculators, Computers, CB Radio, Ham Radio, Man on the Moon, Hula Hoop, Mickey Mouse Club, Leave It To Beaver, Mousekateers, Doo Wop, R&B, American Bandstand, Elvis, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Motown, Beach Boys, Haight-Ashbury, Hippies, PEACE, VW Bug, LOVE, LSD, Woodstock, California Dreamin', Hot tubs, TM, Psychedelic, Disco, Platform Shoes, Bell Bottoms, Mini Skirts, Hot Pants, Bikinis, Tie Died, flower power, communal, Nehru Jackets, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Chelsea, King's Road, Carnaby Street, Bohemians, American Bandstand, The Mods, The Rockers, Liverpool, Twiggy, SOHO, The fall of Berlin Wall, PAN AM and $5.00 a day in Europe."

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