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Re: i have some health problems

Posted by on August 20, 2010 at 08:34:32:

In Reply to: i have some health problems posted by Akash Rajput on June 26, 2010 at 10:18:16:

Hariom ji,
First of all, please change the way you think about your disease. Just think that I am healthy and fine. Take guru disksha/mantra from Bapuji inaddition to Bonus mantra. With Guru diksha you will get 33 different benefits along with healthy and prosperous life. Listen to Bapuji's satsang and read Youvan suraksha book. Night fall is not a disorder or disease. It is your thought process and you need to clean up your thoughts from Sex to devotion.
www.hariomgroup.org/books for your help. You need to read good books and refrain from seeing sexual objects or company of opposite sex.
Every body can achieve and become what they want to become. You just need positive thinking and complete faith in Bapuji's words. Attend some shivirs and satsang programs as well. See the difference for your self. Do take some local seva activities and go to local ashram.

: Hari om,
: i am akash rajput from nanded (india) . age-21, i have some health problems like :
: 1)night falling - so much tired from it, it happens many times or 3-4 times in night & some times in day also.
: 2)growth problem of body or physical disorder - i am thin in body i don't know why i am not getting strong in body, so what should i do for getting a sound health.

: i am very much tired from this certain problems & i am facing night falling problem since 2-3 years.

: some common information about me :
: 1) i takes meal 3 times in a day.
: 2)because of some physical problem i used to get up & go to bed late now a days genrally.
: 3)i feels weakness in body although i have wish & many works to do importantly.
: 4)i know i don't have any mental problems but because of some unknown reasons i faces & am suffering from some mental disorder problems also, but i know i am a calm & normal person.
: 5)i don't have any addictions or habits like drinking alcohol or beer,smoking,eating tobacco etc.

: sir, i am a genral,normal,an ambitious person in a life, yes i could be little bit or some more lazy but i don't wish to be like that ever . i hope you will guide,direct,suggest & help me definitly,THANK YOU ! Hari om !

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