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Lethargic green cheek conure

Posted by on Thu, May 18 2017 at 06:27 PM CDT:

Hello everybody my name is Matt, I had my green cheek conure "kiwi" for about 3 weeks now. Kiwi is about 9 months old. His wings are clipped, with that being said he can fly 5 to 7 feet before hitting the ground. He was outside yesterday on a about a 4 foot high perch and flew down to the ground after my girlfriend tried to have him step up on to her finger, (he's very good at stepping up) and out of nowhere a cat approached him rapidly, I though He had gotten a hold of kiwi and ran through the fence as my girlfriend hurtled a 5 foot wooded pointy fencetryig to stop the cat. (He must have been stalking kiwi out because none of us saw a cat in sight. Little did she know the cat left the bird on the ground with the five long tailfeathers dropped. I had read that this is their defense mechanism. I examined his entire body at first he was very shook up. Flapping his wings slowly. I then looked at the tips of the wings to see if there was any blood inside or outside. They were clear with no sight of blood. He calmed down and seem to have been in a bit of shock. Today he has not been eating as much as he usually does, he will start eating then kind of fall a sleep multiple times. He's not as spunky as he used to be. While examining Kiwi there was no visible injuries nor did he feel any pain when I touched him anywhere. He's moving around slower today not eating as much and falling a sleep quite frequently. Is this something serious that I have to be concerned about? he is a sweetheart of a bird and my heart is crushed seeing him like this. I even went to the pet store and talked to a knowledgeable worker there about the issue and showed him a video of how he's acting. When he sleeps he sleeps with his head forward both legs on the perch and has his feathers spread out on his head. I want to take any action I have to. I am hoping he's just in shock from the rough time he had and this will go away. The man at the pet store recommended nutrients to put in his water in which I have and I tried having him drink some of It. Any suggestions would help I appreciate it in advance
Just learned today that cat scratch or bite is the worst thing for birds I did not see any blood but that does not mean it didn't penetrate his skin.

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