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New green cheek conure help

Posted by on Mon, Aug 11 2014 at 06:01 PM CDT:

I just purchased a hand-fed female gcc from a breeder. I've had her for 3 days now. So far she is eating, drinking, and preening and seems to be adjusting to her cage.
She is pretty quiet, she grinds her beak and makes little chirpy/grunting noises. She hasnt played with her toys very much, at least not that i've seen.
And she is very shy. Ive had the cage door open a lot of the time but she hasnt come out on her own. Sometimes she comes and sits in the doorway of her cage and chirps. I whistle back but im not sure what else to do. She runs away from my hand when i try to take her out.
The breeder told me to just grab her gently and place her on my shoulder. When i try that its often an ordeal and she jumps away from my hand. when I get her out and put her on my shoulder she lets me pet her for a few minutes but she often flies back to the cage.
Ive also tried placing her on a free standing perch with some food near by but she just flies off.
I feel like I started off on the wrong foot by taking her out but im just not sure how to begin building some trust.
She likes sunflower seeds but doesn't seem to like any fruits/vegetables that i offer her (pears, banana, carrots, pistachios, blue berries). She is too scared of me to let me give her a treat.
Ive never owned a bird before so im wondering if anyone has any advice on how I can start to gain her trust. What should one do when they bring home a new bird that is a little scared?
The thing i want most is for her to be happy and comfortable and i understand that this will take time. Id love for her to enjoy being out of her cage, playing, and sitting on my shoulder.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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