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My bird seems to hate me...

Posted by on Mon, Jun 09 2014 at 02:21 PM CDT:

Hi all, my boyfriend and I just got a green cheek conure about 3 weeks ago. He seems to be progressing great with my boyfriend, he does get a little sassy with him everyonce in a while, but nothing to what I believe is being to bad for him being so new to our family. But with me he is a complete terror, especially when he is on or in his cage. If I talk to him he fluffs and and throws a fit, if I try petting or trying to get him to step up I'll end up with a bleeding finger. When he is off his cage I stand a little bit of a fighting chance but it's rare that I even get to pet him. He seemed so sweet at the store he stepped up and seemed to enjoy us, even the first few days at home he was sweet and cuddly and then he just flipped. We were told he is about 2 years old and was so sweet to the handlers there. I have been told that birds will choose there person, which is fine but id like him to be able to tolerate me. Any suggests/comment would be appreciated. Thank you

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