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Re: Bird not happy with noises

Posted by on Fri, Dec 27 2013 at 12:29 AM CST:

In Reply to: Re: Bird not happy with noises posted by tony on Fri, Aug 30 2013 at 08:59 AM CDT:

: I have notice with my Green Cheek that he may jump or perk up if there is a noise on the TV or radio that catches his attention. My Naday was not phased by any sounds whatsoever.
: I live alone with no other pets other than the Green Cheek and a parakeet. So the noise level is very miminal. I just don't think he is so use to the sounds.

: : You didn't even read the post.. The bird screeches to every noise we make by turning on the TV, water or music, we can't just stop doing things just because this bird doesn't like it. I have talked to other breeders, this is not normal for green cheeks.

: : I have shown him where the noise comes from and try comforting him while doing so. Still doesn't help.

: : The screeches he makes sounds stressed, scared and even sounds like it hurts his throat.

: : This forums is not helpful at all. Since only one person answered me, proves that no one else has had this problem.

:: nobody has answered cuz they don't know why but I had a similar prob w a cockatoo but there are two possible scenarios. Let me see if I understand your problem right first. You turn on water, tv, anything that makes noise and he screams. In response you take him out of cage to show him what is making the noise and pet to reassure there is no danger? This tells me you don't take out of his cage until he flips out. So a.) You have trained him to do it. He screams cuz he hears you are home by a change in the noises. You take out, pet and hold h. He is getting the attention he needs by the only way he knows how to get it for certain.
There is yet one other possibility which is very rare but still can happen for one reason or another. He may be blind . If he is still acting upset and traumatized while u have him out and are comforting him, he cannot see what you are "showing"him:/ when TV comes on, he thinks house is full of strangers and is frantically trying to find you for reassurance he is safe. Use a monotone object that does not make sound and wave in front of him but not close enough for him to feel the breeze when you wave it and see if he watches it move. Or roll a ball across the floor in front of him to see if he will chase. Gcc's are notoriously curious. If yours is not, it could be he can't see anything to catch interest cuz he is blind.

Once you determine the reason then you can go to the next step to cure the problem.

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