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Re: Advice about 6 month old

Posted by on Thu, May 23 2013 at 07:30 PM CDT:

In Reply to: Re: Advice about 6 month old posted by Stephanie on Wed, May 22 2013 at 10:05 AM CDT:

I think Taco is a female. I've never had her sexed. My vet thought she is female as she will raise up her tail and back up against things (like my arm). Males will perch on top of things and bring their tails down. Anyway, Taco has never laid an egg in the 13 years I've had her. Lucky maybe..or maybe she's really a male?????? I had a parakeet that laid herself to death. I think she got egg bound. I'd definitely consult an expert if your bird starts to lay eggs. Sounds like you're having fun. They are so funny when they are little!

Hi Nancy-
: Thanks for the response.
: Since that first day, the bird has blossomed! She began eating in earnest on the second day (pellets, carrots, green beans etc.) and is like a fish when I give her her bathtub. I think that all will be well.
: Her wings were clipped when I got her so she can't fly. She has Bozo feet and tends to trip over them a lot. Poor thing. Eventually she'll grow into them and her wings will come back.

: Since she's a female, (Per the store. My last was a male.) can anyone tell me what to expect about egg laying? When? What should or shouldn't I do? I have no plans to mate her so I'd appreciate any information that anyone can provide.
: Thanks All!

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