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Posted by on Sun, Apr 21 2013 at 10:47 AM CDT:

I've fallen in love with a green cheek. Here are the issues. One money. I'm on disability, so a fixed income and my pet shop is WONDERFUL, and the only one close,& she said she would take payments, but I still have $150 pet deposit I'd have to make first. 2nd- Sometimes I get up a few hours, but then am back in bed by 3 p.m. in pain for the rest of the day and I don't know if that is enough socialization time for Clover (yes,I've named her bc I was singing an Irish lullaby to her & she liked me immediately even though the pet shop owner said she rarely liked anyone enough to get on them til she knew them, she was on me within 10 minutes. Love at first sight). 3rd- I love animals but have never had a bird and I'm a bit scared I would mess something up. On the plus side, I am at home full time and don't leave often except shopping etc. From what I read of what gcc eat, fruits and veggies are what we (two daughters come and go) have here. I am only 39 so if Clover lives 20 years, hopefully I would make it that long. (and have her paid off by then LOL) So, my basic question is from what you have read, should I make an all out effort to get her? As for the two daughters- I have 17 yo perfect (everyone says so too) almost off to college, logical, darling Nan, and I have 4 yo sweetest girl you've ever met Lari who lives with my sis bc of my disability, and we've had a male cat who was inside/outside who was madly in love with Lari and we had a kitten who was a bit feisty who was also madly in love with Lari. She has cat mojo and loves any animal but esp. cats. I know with as big as her heart is, I can explain to be careful etc. and she will either be great with Clover or not handle her at all. Lari is the sweetest person I've ever met in my life, so I'm not worried that she will hurt anything. Plus she would always be supervised. Well, thank you very very very much I appreciate any input at all. Thanks, Roby

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