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Help me keep my bird

Posted by on Sat, Dec 01 2012 at 05:44 PM CST:

I'll try to make this short...might be impossible. I've had my GCC since she was 10 months old...she's now 12. She's a great bird and I love her very much. The problem: When we moved we brought our barn cat (don't have barn now) and the cat is an indoor/outdoor cat. Very good cat! We gave Taco the GCC her own room so we could close the door when the cat is in the house, which isn't very much. Works out well. About a year, my Mother-in-law moved in with us and has our 2 extra bedroom...one which is Taco's room. Taco bothers her when she's out, screeches with she's in the cage (the bird not the mother in law LOL), pisses the husband off, and I get yelled at! My hubby has taken to wanting to go after Taco with a squirt bottle or put her in the closet. Ive managed to head him off at the pass so far! He doesn't want to play with her any more, so I spend a lot of time with her...plus making sure there isn't one screech that comes out of her. You can imagine the situation. I do have an option to give Taco to a bird rescue that I do have a relationship and trust...but I don't want to give up my bird! Taco was with me 24/7 for weeks when I was kicked by a horse, was with me as my little buddy for almost a year when I was trying to sell our last home and my hubby had to move to another state for his job. Taco has helped me though thick and thin. The hubby and Mother in law don't really care about Taco's well being and want her covered up all the time. they don't get it that the screaming comes because Taco just wants to be out and with us. I really don't know what to do. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you!

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