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Conure crushed by falling suitcase, looks dead, but ends up ok

Posted by on Fri, Sep 07 2012 at 01:11 AM CDT:

my girlfriend was unpacking from her vacation. A small suitcase containing about 5 LARGE COLLEGE BOOKS fell off of the table and landed on my Rondo, which just happened to be behind my girlfriend. ( she did not know she was there and was not supervising her well enought!)

The suitcase lands on bird

She takes the suitcase off of the bird, and she is essentially flattened like a pancake. She is laying their motionless but slightly twitching and blinking erraticall and my gf tells me that she is not moving and that she thinks rondo is dead.

Moments later I am told that though rondo is not moving, she is still looking at my girlfriend. She tells me that there is fecal matter everywhere.

She tries to stand the bird up but it falls over, and is unable to perch. The bird is taken to her cage and she sits at the bottom of the cage for five minutes in a corner, twitching, with her head down.

about 5 minutes later, she starts moving about the cage in normal fashion.

It has been three days and she looks fine, thought i am still worried for her. I was at work when my gf was telling me this in the emails. Needless to say it was very horrifying hearing her text me that, it is my first pet ever.

I am glad she is still alive and it is nothing short of a miracle.

the table that the suitcase fell off of had wobbly legs and would tilt back and forth, I had thought about stabalizing it and fixing it before this incident, but never got around to it.

I feel like it is my fault because had I fixed the table, she would have never went through that

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