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time of first molt?

Posted by on Fri, Jun 15 2012 at 01:39 PM CDT:


i have a GCC i got from a very reputable breeder in Manhattan (NYC). he is doing great, and i was told he was 1 month old when i bought him almost 3 months ago. ive read that they dont start moulting til 7 m but i think this is definitey a molt as there are no signs of unhapiness or plucking. Also, most of pins /shells w/ new feathers are in places i dont think he could reach to pluck, such as on top of his head and to left and right of his beak on his face. any one know of GCC moulting befoer 7 m? not that im sure the authorities who say 7 m are correct...would this more likely be a sign that i was told an incorrect age or a sign of some other health problem? just spent about 800 bux right after i got him getting a clean bill of health (perfect condition) from a leading NYC vet. im happy to pay more if need be for my little bird, but dont want to shell out a grand if there s nothing wrong. thx!
(i posted about this as a response in an older thread, but i thought it may be more efficient to start a new post more tailored to my question.

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