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Re: First molt

Posted by on Wed, Jun 13 2012 at 01:45 PM CDT:

In Reply to: Re: First molt posted by Deborah on January 23, 2012 at 11:41:56:

: hi. this is my first time posting so i apologize in advance if i do so incorrectly. i got my first GCC about 2.5 months ago and he's almost 4 months old . he 's just started to lose some feathers. there is no evidence of plucking..and most of the loss and most of the pins i see are around his head and then theres a couple near the back and the belly. he seems very happy and well adjusted *(so far.) but ive read on other sites that the first molt doesnt occur until they are at least 7 months old. he's only 4 months so this made me nervous. anyone's GCC molt before 7months? im not even sure that site was correct...thx

: Yes, he's probably molting. Scooter's cage looks like an explosion in a feather boa factory right now.

: Extra baths certainly can't hurt, and making sure the environment is warm enough since there's a bit less insulation.

: When new feathers grow in they are encased in a translucent "shell" a lot like the end of a shoelace. When the feather is fully grown in, they flake the casing off, and for birds without a birdie friend to preen them, the ones on their head and neck are difficult for them to do. So the human friend can "help" by flaking or gently squeezing them to get the casing off. HOWEVER, if the feather isn't quite ready, the bird will tell you in no uncertain terms. Usually by sqwaking to raise the dead, but possibly with a nip. I do it by "pinching" gently with my fingernails. YMMV.

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