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Flying over seas with green conure

Posted by on Sun, May 13 2012 at 06:06 PM CDT:

Hi, my name is Magdalena, Im from Sweden so if my spelling in any way is incorrect I apologize and hope you still can make sense of my question.
I'm the proud owner on a green conure thats about 1,5 year old ) I think.
I love my bird and live in US but have for personal reasons I must return to Sweden,
Im doing everything in my power to take my beloved bird with me, witch is very hard because of the extrem strict rules in Sweden.

If I manage to get approve from US and Sweden I am still very concerned about if my bird would survive this flying.
I am going to fly from Columbus in Ohio and have a lay over, than probably fly from Newark to Stockholm Sweden.
Depending on layover time it will b a travel for about 11-13 hours, and I dont even know if you can take birds that long trip.

I saw your website and thought I would write you and ask.
Unforuently I have to leave US pretty soon and dont have much time.

My other concern is if I have to separate from my bird it is of big improtens for me that he comes to someone that can provide for his needs.
He is not a toy and need a lot of attention and love and Im so scared that he will end up in a bad place.
Du you have any suggestions of where I can find someone that can love him as much as I do if its impossible to take him with me.

If can take the time to answer my question pretty soon it would get me so happy.

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