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2 1/2 old green cheek

Posted by Michael on Sun, Apr 22 2012 at 10:07 AM CDT:

Hello, I used to have a Jenday for many years and our family adored him and he adored us, but unfortunately he passed away due to heart failure, and have a few months we decided to adopt a new bird.

Someone contacted us and said he had a green cheek available and we took it (he seemed to have absolutely no knowledge about birds and didnt really care to answer any of my questions, it was just like take it and leave). Now I have great experience with birds and read up alot about them, so im pretty well versed and up to date. Thing is all the birds ive owned til now, i got while they were babies and therefore i trained them in, but this bird has already been with what seems like more than one owner so I need advice and how to go about approaching him.

I got the bird in a small dirty cage, and the guy who gave him to me told me that the bird came out twice in the last 6 months (I know horrible, right?!?). He was also fed seeds, and seemed to never have gotten a bath. So as soon as I got home I waited three days (to let him get acquainted with my house) and than setup up a nice beautiful cage appropriate for a conure. I bought pellet food (he took to it right away, which tells me that he might have had a good owner at one point) I also gave him some fresh fruits, which he was apprehensive at first but eventually ate too. Gave him a spray mist bath (he didnt like it too much, but I gave him no choice)

He eventually came out on his own and I lured him into the new cage. he seems to like it alot and is getting use to his surroundings.

He takes food from my hand and sometimes lets me pet him on his cheek but can get nipppy, but wont come out of his cage ever even if I lure him with treats, he comes to the door but wont venture any farther.

Now its only been a week, and im not expecting miracles, I just want to make sure im going at this in the right way. As ive said, i never took in a previously owned bird before. So anyone with advice or experience would be greatly appreciated.


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