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What tha *@#!!

Posted by on Sat, Apr 14 2012 at 04:36 PM CDT:

Well, our green cheek attacked my hand. I've been getting her out and holding her every day. She had done good, even on my shoulder, until one day she didn't and just bit the hell out of it. I just about had to pull her off my ear. Since then I haven't let her ride on my shoulder, it's awkward, but I still tried to spend time with her out of her cage. But when she did these things, i put her in the naughty cage which is her airflight cage. She bit my ear all to pieces, bam, airflight cage. She didn't like it. Bit my neck, airflight crate, doesn't like it. I asked her to step off my shoulder today onto my hand, she did and she bit me, and I got up to take her to the crate and the bite turned into an attack that lasted until i could get her off of my hand in the crate. What have I done wrong? How do i get her to love me and not bite me? I could make a little sling, far away from my face for her to ride in. Maybe it's just where she's young, but dang, she's got a temper. Seems like she got even tighter in her grip with her beak when i told her sternly
"no biting", seems like it was on like donkey kong then! She was like a feathered pirahna on my hand. But i maintained, didn't scream or freak out and got her in the time out box without her blinding me
!! Which I'm sure was next on her list of damages to do to me. How do i win her heart back??? I still haven't named her, maybe I'll call her KIllER.

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