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Need some help

Posted by on March 09, 2012 at 22:53:55:

So here is my days of our lives green cheeks story!

I had had one male green cheek Thumper. He is health normal green cheek. Sweet and playful! He was 7 when I rescued him from a breeder. He is healthy.

A month ago I got a bonded pair of green cheeks from a pet store in my home town. I know the owners and she told me there are a male and female pair that was given to them by a trusted breeder. He was focusing on other types of birds.

I kept the birds in different cages for 2 weeks. We all played together and 'shared' snacks. They are so greedy! lol.

The new male Buddy had really taken to Thumper. The males want to sleep together? I have a box that Thumper always wants to go in. The female, Big Mama and Thumper get into little fights over food but still groom and cuddle.

Thumper loves both of them, loves to cuddle. Thumper and Big Mama both want my attention. It seems Buddy just watches Big Mama. He is friendly mostly, never has bitten, Big Mama has.

What is if anything gonna happen with breeding, Should I be worried? Is the age difference ok, or will they not like each other like that?

Any help would be excellent.

Also- Thumper has papers and DNA sexing. I am going off what the shop owner told me abotu the sexes, But they do act like the sex given. I am sending blood DNA samples to get them both tested.

Big Mama seems to have a pinkie nail size lump on her underparts near her private parts. Doesn't seem to effect her. Am i worrying to much?

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