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Re: New Conure

Posted by Miranda on February 22, 2012 at 09:26:48:

In Reply to: New Conure posted by Miranda on February 21, 2012 at 22:37:56:

: I just brought home a new conure a few days ago. "She" is 9 months old and has spent the psst two months (that I know of) in a pet store in a large glass cage where I am sure many people have tapped or banged on the glass and frightened her. At the store they said that she wasn't very sociable, but I figured that it was because she didn't have enough one on one human attention. I did get to hold her there for a few minutes and she was extremely frightened at first and kept trying to get away. Eventually she relaxed a little bit. Now I cant even replace her food and water in her cage with out her freaking out and getting nervous. Never mind trying to touch her. So i guess my question is, is she too old and has been through too much stress already to gain trust in me? Or is there a way I can work with her to calm down and relax and eventually be playful? I've tried giving her fruits and treats and she hides behind her bed or tries to bite me. She doesn't even seem interested in any of her toys. HELP!!

We did make sure to get her the food that she was eating where we got her. And for the first 24 hours we didn't try to play with her or anything so she could get used to her cage, surroundings, and just seeing us. @ Deborah, I got my GCC at a PetSmart in NH. Definitely not the same bird. But it's funny that you mention the cinnamon mutation since all of the info I have been looking up on these birds and the pictures that I've seen, she doesn't look like a regular GCC. And we did the same thing in the cage she was in. She hung out in the center at the back and watched all the other birds and would just watch me every time I came to the store to look at her. We didn't get to take any of the toys that were in her cage. And I did look to see what she had been playing with so I could purchase the same things that she was used to but they must have been reused. I really hope she comes around like yours did. I understand that it is going to take some time before she will let us handle her, it's just the last bird that I owned was much younger and took to us right away.

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