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Re: Brought baby home today&worried

Posted by Tracie on January 09, 2012 at 08:03:25:

In Reply to: Re: Brought baby home today&worried posted by Deborah on January 08, 2012 at 21:38:02:

: It sounds as if she's a more timid soul. I'd give her the food she's used to and limit handling to what she seems comfortable with for a few days. If she's eating pellets, that's a good thing, and I'd stick with that, maybe gradually introducing different brands. If she's not used to bathing, I'd let her get comfortable in her new home before introducing new things. I think if you give her some time to adjust and make changes gradually she'll be fine. They are all individuals, but they tend towards bold and brassy, so I think she probably is, as you surmise, overwhelmed. Give her time to settle in and try not to make too many changes in her routine until she has adjusted to her new home. Our Cape Parrot took several months to fully adjust. Our GCC was much, much quicker, but he's the fearless sort and will chase the cat if we are not careful. I would give her a couple of weeks to settle in.

: Do be careful that she's eating and drinking. It's also not a bsd idea to have a well-bird exam with an avian vet early on. And to observe about a month of quarantine from your other birds.

Thankyou, she is a shy little girl, but seems to enjoy being around us, never tries to fly away, always flies to us. The building she was in was so crowded and she had no perch..Right now, she's sitting on the blanket in front of my daughter, quietly and gently nibbling belle's fingers. So sweet. Thankyou Deborah.

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