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Re: Need advice...GCC and a newborn baby

Posted by Deborah on December 28, 2011 at 18:03:26:

In Reply to: Need advice...GCC and a newborn baby posted by Peter on December 28, 2011 at 13:53:09:

I don't have experience with babies, but we do have our GCC clipped and he seems perfectly happy. We also have cats and for safety's sake our birds have clips at a level that allows them to take a controlled flight to the floor -- in some cases across the room -- but not to freely access the house or get out of supervised range easily. In our house, being clipped means more freedom to be out and about rather than less.

Clipping is a completely reversible choice, and if you find you are less happy or your bird seems to have a problem with it, in six months to a year the flight feathers will grow out.

My personal opinion is that birds don't resent clipping the way people tend to think they do, at least not if they still get plenty of varied experiences. I really don't think they sit around pining away for lost flight... that's a very anthropomorphic view. They do get less exercise and you have to make sure they move around enough and don't get too idle. If you expect the bird to be upset, you may perceive something that isn't there or you may actually influence the bird's behavior by your own.

If you don't normally handle your bird in the way you would for clipping, you may want to have a vet or professional groomer do it. That way you don't risk having a bad association with your rough handling thrown into the mix.

We favor a clip on our GCC that leaves the outermost two primaries intact and trims the rest of the primaries. That way they still have the pretty blue feathers, and they retain significant flight ability -- no going out of doors on shoulders.

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