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My bird hates me

Posted by on August 27, 2011 at 22:12:23:

I found my Green Cheek over 10 years ago in my yard in Michigan. I searched vigilantly for his home for over 2 months. No one claimed him. In the meantime, he and I became very attached. He is sweet, silly, affectionate, and LOVES me more than anyone else! And he quickly became my baby. He is friendly and goes to others well, but always wants back to his mamma. That's the way it's been for the past 10 years.

A few months ago, he started acting frightened of me. He would screech to come out of his cage, but when I'd go to get him, he'd flip out and fly in his cage to get away from my hand. It was occassional at first, but became consistent. He acts normal in all other ways- goes to others well and LOVES my best friend still (she was always his second favorite person of all time) but he acts terrified of me.

I cannot pinpoint any one thing that happened that might have caused this, though I was under a great deal of stress during the time that it started. I have had stressful situations in my life prior to this, however, that never seemed to bother him. In fact, he was always my comfort- giving me kisses and sensing when I needed a little TLC, and readily offering it.

I have left him in the care of my best friend, since he seems happier there with her. He had stopped eating well for me and was clearly very stressed having to be around me and in his cage all the time (he wouldn't come out with me & there is no one else in the household who he can go to often as my boyfriend works a lot of hours. He is accustomed to being a part of the family, out with us at all times that we are home, so it was VERY hard on him being in his cage all the time).

He eats well for my friend, plays with her, takes his baths, and does all his normal stuff that he wasn't doing with me, so I feel that leaving him with her temporarily is a good choice, but really want him to be happy with me, like he used to be. Has anyone else had a similar experience? What was the outcome? Is there anything I can do?

I've tried sort of forcing myself on him gently, giving him kisses and love while holding on to him, but he really freaks out. It was clearly NOT healthy for him.

We also had my friend take him for about a month shortly after it started, and when I went back to get him he was ESCATIC to see me for about 10 minutes and then it was like a light switch- he wanted NOTHING to do with me again. Fear, stress and panic ensued.

My pal is happy to keep him for as along as I need her to, but the idea is that I'll go visit regularly (every 2 months or so- we live 5 hours apart) to see if he changes his mind. If there is something either or both of us can do to help him come back to me, we both want to very much. Help!!

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