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GCC is agressive and mean... sometimes.

Posted by on August 06, 2011 at 18:15:09:

I have a 5 month old yello sided gCC who I call a male but I'm thinking maybe female? "Osa" is very into attention and always wants to talk or come out of his cage. He loves food of all kinds and baths. We do trust eachother after the two months we have lived together, but he has always been a biter. The breeder said it was because he was hand raised and he would stop as he got used to me but its only getting worst. Osa loves attention and head rubs but all of a sudden he will attack my hand and hurt me. I have tried a few things:
1. Saying no biting and putting him back in his cage.
2. dropping my finger a little that he's sitting on.
3. the breeder said to push my finger more in his mouth until he doesn't want to bite any more, or hold his beak with my fingers and say NO.
Osa doesn't really care or respond to any of the above...
Any ideas? In all honisty he has bitten me a few times VERY hard where my first reaction was F#@! NO Biting!!! with a raised voice. I know thats not a good idea and I usually am quiet but firm about saying no biting. Also he likes me more than my husband but doesn't really bite him as often as me. ???

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