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NamePhilippa Dutton
CommentsMy partner and I owned a fairthorpe and had great trouble tracking down new shock absorbers.
We found that cheap motorbike absorbers were a perfect match.
I hope this helps.

CommentsHi you have the 2021 Historic Specials Day - Cotswold Wildlife Park - Burford - listed as 9th August. That's a Monday this year.
Should be Sunday 8th August?

NameDave Malins
CommentsMy thanks to Colin Bolosom for updating the Tornado Register files.

Name C. Bolsom
CommentsI was asked several years ago if I remembered the reg. of my Talismen.
Have just found a photo it was
7538PW - using the drive shafts as
suspension arms was not a good idea.

Would anyone be interested in an original sales brochure for the Fairthorpe TX GT.

NameAnna Bentley
CommentsThanks to Lorn Stanners for picking up the error in the renewal date, which should had read 30th April. Corrected in next Club Newsletter

NameLorn Stanners
LocationEdmonton, Alberta, CDN
CommentsI assume because of Brexit the UK has changed their calendars? I saw in the last two newsletters the club renewal date is now April 31st. Here in the colonies we only go to April 30th.

I always look forward to the newsletter and appreciate the work put into it and the registers. Keep up the good work!

CommentsI am from Kings Yard and I'm Italian that have a big passion for everything with 2 and 4 wheels.

NameRichard Matthews
LocationNr. Burnley
In the late 1950's my father made two glassfibre Ford specials.His first was an early Rochdale but I've no idea what his second was.It was similar to an Olympic,but there seems to be too many differences. I do have pictures if you are interested. I am.

NameMartin Collins
CommentsHi Ralph, thanks for posting on here, please could you send the pictures to me at kartman.nascar24@btinternet.com
I am the Fairthorpe registrar and would love to see the pictures.........Martin

NameRalph Gibbs
LocationBournemouth UK
CommentsA special hello to Barry Gibbs ! I was surprised -and delighted - to see that the Fairthorpe club (formerly Fairthorpe Owners Club) is not only alive and kicking but flourishing greatly. I would love to send some photos of "the lowest and lightest Fairthorpe Electron ever". Which last appeared at our Blackbushe meeting around 1966 (I think), trailered up from Bournemouth behind my XK120 rdstr. Please say hello. Unfortunately I can't phone you as I am now deaf. But still greatly interested in classic cars. All the very best, Ralph.

NameRalph Jannelli
LocationCharlotte, NC USA
CommentsHi, A year ago I purchased a Fairthorpe Electron Minor previously owned by Bert Verady. It had pass thru another's hands on its way to me. It is a '58 commission number 9882 triangular grill opening. I have fitted a Spitfire 1300 engine in it with dual SU HS4 carbs. Looking forward to finishing the restoration and getting it back on the road,

NameFrank law
CommentsRef NWG IO ,removed chassis I'd plate today.chassis no 10117 ,still visible written in pencil same no,also on rear scribed amco,possibly employee who built she'll? Car also has smith's wind up clock,Whitch I got serviced,work's a treat.bring back any memories?.

NameFrank law
CommentsNwg 10. Electron minor.rescued by me from scrapyard.in 1987 or 88,cylinder head removed by owner,all parts in boot.left in lockup for years,before being scraped.been stored in my basement,ever since.no paper work,or documents given at time of purchase.does any member know this vehicle by its reg no? Need any more detail's,e mail me.regard's Frank

NameDave pugh
CommentsCsl 674
If the owner of this fairthorpe would like to drop me a line to chat about vehicle and any details he wants on know on history and pics of when we bought car in a sorry state and got up on the road again for our honeymoon in the Cotswolds and other trips there ,

NameGraham Cowell
LocationSomerset England
CommentsHi I own a couple of Falcon Mk2's one on ford side valve chassis one on a 1978 Alfetta chassis

LocationNew Zealand
CommentsJust turned 16 and having moved to Gerrards Cross,and being in need of a jobI presented myself at The Fairthorpe Factory and asked Reg, the foreman if there was any chance of a start. He introduced me to the AVM, who, with few questions told me to start the next day.I was later to learn the extent of the AVM's trust and belief in the ability of youngsters to handle almost anything that could be asked of them.
At that time there were two Italian welders working for the AVM, neither of them spoke English, and I was placed under Mario's care, to learn the art of welding and the mysteries of the chassis jig.
Soon after starting, came the move to Denham airfield. With the exception of a low loading articulated truck , everything was accomplished by the versatile staff, I think 8 men in total. I learnt the phrase, 2 6 chaps, one of the AVM's favourite encouragements to further exertions.
Denham was basic. no toilet facilities, bitterly cold and draughty. We had a couple of coke Braziers that we knocked up in the welding shop, but all they did was choke us half to death, though they were useful for heating up a can of beans or two. the lack of sanitation caused Les, fibreglass foreman to call out as he grabbed the toilet roll 'away to the woods'. What the AVM's gorgeous used to say is unrecorded.
The office was a bomb blast shelter with no roof and filled with blackberry bushes when we arrived. Fred, ex seaman and most capable all rounder, were put onto converting it into an office under the AVM's guidance. A bit of angle iron and some of Les's tinted 1.5.ounce fibreglass sheeting, a steel homemade door and some inventive electrical work and it was fit for a King.
The AVM, being Australian, loved Waratah standards, a type of iron fence post. Angle iron is pretty similar to a Waratah, so our half of the airfield was fenced off.
Security was an issue,and we were always being broken into. All types of remedies were applied. Welding all the bolts on the hangar roof was one.I was despatched aloft with the arc welder to do the same. Paul( fibreglass apprentice, same age as me) was sent aloft to hold on to the welder while I applied the heat. He slipped, the welder followed, next he was on the ground having slipped from the summit to the ground. nothing broken but a sore backside and much merriment from the onlookers.
I had very happy days at the factory and can tell many stories if any one is interested.Who remembers the Caravilla, the Townabout, the modular buildings etc. if any one is interested or remembers these days,or reads this page, I will continue with a further instalment at a later date

NameMichael Joyce
CommentsAs a young lad I worked for Bill Woodhouse at his GRP factory at Kings Yard in Rickmansworth Herts (Wemyss & Woodhouse Ltd).A short time later he founded Tornado Cars Ltd with Tony Bullen.
I was asked to join him in this new venture as a laminator in the car-body workshop along with a few other employees of Wemyss Woodhouse Ltd. Ollie Pearson was the foreman and Gavin Brown was the bodyshop manager.
At that time we were a small team of about 6/8 people.
The tubular steel chassis were formed in an adjacent workshop they were all cut and welded by hand by a giant of a man called George.I witnessed the groWth of the company and its initial entry into sportscar racing. I remember well watching Both Bill and Tony roaring around the track at Goodwood and Silverstone or was it Brands Hatch? Tony was very serious successful in his B.R.Green Typhoon.
We were a tight knit group Bill and Anne ran the office and eventually married. As employees, we were all invited to their wedding in London.It was a great day.
I remember John Douglas joining the company also Kim Clare and many others as the company grew and became more succesfull.
I moved on with Gavin Brown to pastures new in Slough just after the Talisman was launched. they were very happy and exciting days and I have many fond memories of those times.
Needless to say it was all a long time ago and sadly I have lost touch with everyone I knew and worked with.
Its good to know that there is still a healthy interest in Tornado cars after all these years.
I would be pleased to hear from anyone who remembers those times.
Michael Joyce 09/07/14

NamePeta Allison Bennett
CommentsIt's ANZAC day here in Brisbane. I've discovered (although I've heard stories...), that this club has been founded by my great (I think Great Great uncle). Tomorrow I'm going to Toowoomba just for the day and going to look for the family home name "FAIRTHORPE" in West Street Toowoomba

NameStuart McKell
LocationOakworth, keighley
Just been looking at some of these cars and the memories it brought back! I grew up in a small village call Stanbury, we lived next door to a mother and son called the Kennedys. David was my childhood hero always tinkering and reving his Fairthorpe on a Sunday morning! His mum was like and aunty to me and spoilt me rotten. If anyone has any details on how a could get in touch with David and Janet it would be brilliant. Once again great site.



NameIvor Coster
CommentsHi, all members and other owners of Ashley Bodied Specials.

I have an Ashley Laminates Sports Cars website, It features an "ASHLEY LAMINATES SPORTS CARS online VEHICLE REGISTRY and HISTORICAL ARCHIVE" which covers all known Ashley cars (that's known to me so far), if you have info. that's not listed on my site I would love to hear it from you.

I am developing the site to give much needed exposure to the Ashley Marque and to this end I am featuring all cars known to me on a separate story webpage on the site.

I would like to cover all known and unknown Ashley bodied cars whatever chassis/engine combination used.

My email is: ashley.sportiva@yahoo.com.au please email to contact me, I would like to gather all known information on the Ashley bodied cars, makers, construction, etc, etc.

I am located in OZ so have little access to the UK Ashley scene, although I did build my own Ashley Sportiva 6999 MU back in 1962 so do have a few clues to the Marque.

I hope to get some feedback from anyone that looks me up and can help with new info/Rego. details

Many Thanks and hope to hear from you.



NameDoug Elliot
LocationPort Alberni BC Canada
CommentsJust purchased a previously unfinished never driven Caribbean, looking for info and help

NameB. Michael Ferweda
CommentsFound a 1974 TX Tripper in Texas. Covered in dust and spider webs. Never ran has 18 miles on odometer. Looking for additional information and covenants. Hard top version.

Nameged mcgurk
Locationsaltburn by the sea
CommentsI would like to know if the Ashley Special I owned in the 1970's still exists.
The registration no is PXG427.
It was powered by a Ford E93A engine, based on the same chassis.
Any info would be very interesting.

Namestephen mills
Locationfrance sw
Commentsi have a 1961 ashley sportiva and before coming here i was a club member.every year(13)my car has been controlled techniced here(MOT)with no problems.its been of the road for 2 years now,so i asked my garage to check for next MOT which they did.when the car arrived at the garage the owner said there was a new law in France and any foreign car must now have a letter of conformity clearly stating that it is an ashley, this is impossible as the ashley and others are not cars but bodies and therefore i do not conform and my car is illegal on the road!!
what do you think and do you have any ideas
garage man says i could take the car to uk and get an MOT and come back!
waiting here, this is going to be a nightmare of all of us having to live in france
kind regards

Commentsvery good information. im on with rebulidin a fairthorpe election

NameSteve Dagnell
LocationWatford Herts UK
CommentsI had Tornado Talisman back in 1971 it was a Bright Yellow 1962 car built for racing by Roy Norths car accessory shop and workshop based in StAlbans Road Watford (no longer in business as far as I know)The Car was great the boys at Roy North had modified the Cosworth Pre-crossflow 1500 ford engine and it certainly went well. For me at 20 years old at the time it was great fun to blast around in. I would love to get my hands on one now to restore any one know where I could get one?

NameAlan Hearn
LocationHazlemere, High Wycombe
CommentsAs a mechanic,I used to work next door to the Fairthorpe factory during the 1950's. The garage I worked for was called 'Motorwork' and as well as a Jaguar agent, it ran sports racing cars for Peter & Graham Whitehead, well known racing drivers of that time. The Fairthorpe factory and Motorwork were situated at the bottom of the Market Place in Chalfont St Peter, Bucks and were opposite a long line of shops that ran uphill towards Goldhill Common. Both the Fairthorpe factory and garage were demolished many years ago to make way for a small supermarket. Only the showroom that fronted the garage remains and this is now a mobility shop.
I used to see the Fairthorpe cars being taken out on test and remember the very earliest with the motorcycle engine and crude fibre glass bodywork (the Atom), disappearing up the Market Place with a cloud of white smoke billowing out from the rear.
We used to see AVM Donald Bennett quite a bit and one day he invited us over to the factory to see his latest creation, which would have been the Zeta. This had a Ford six cylinder engine and an impressive row of Amal carburetors to feed the fuel to the cylinders. Donald Bennett raced this car at Silverstone and said it was very fast but a bit of a handful around the bends!

NameMike Price
LocationPembrokeshire, SW Wales
CommentsEnjoyed looking at the site, interest bought about by a question in the Daily Mail 19th June asking about history of Fairthorpe! I have a friend who owned one which we used for rallying, I'm seem to remember that it had a Triumph engine, was a fixed head coupe and a short wheelbase. Maybe my memory is going but I haven't see a picture of the type on the website. I must look out soem of my old photgraphs and maybe post it on the site!


NameBill Horn
LocationPasdena CA - now in Italy
CommentsI raced a Faithrope sever years throughout California - Great fun when the 'woodfuff key' in the wheel/axle didn't shear off

Namegeoff thomas
Locationfarnham uk
CommentsI worked at Fairthorpes (Chalfont St Peter) from late 56 to 58.I was the AVM's PA but don't be fooled as I was,as that involved doing anything required around the place , chassis welding , grp lay ups , car assembly , ordering parts,getting kits together etc etc. I was involved in building the Electron Minor Climax he entered for the 58 Monte Carlo Rally. I was also driving the prototype Atomota 650 BSA when it had an almighty blow up ,the cylinders broke in half ,inadequately cooled, should have had a fan! I was also there when they had the big fire just before Easter 1958. A very amusing time looking back , they don't make 'em like the AVM any more , what a guy! Would be happy to answer any questions about that time.

NameAlan Smith
CommentsHi, my name is Alan Smith in 1967 i had an interview at Fairthorpe cars in Denham Bucks.I was interviewed by Air Vice Marshall Bennett for apprentice on spraying and bodywork. He took me on there was 3 of us working in his workshop building Fairthorpe cars. The workshop which is still there now is next to Denham Airfield and Air Vice Marshall Bennett flew his own plane into work every day and left it in the airfield. I went on to run my own bodywork shop for 20 years, they were great times with Fairthorpe and i,m glad to see the Fairthorpe name still lives on.

NameFreddie George
CommentsAll very helpful to Fairthorpe owners. Quite sad to see price inflation (sign of the times?)but good to see many of the old names still active. Well done. (Still have my Turner and Fairthorpe in not a good state.................)

NameChris Johns
LocationBuckler Register
CommentsI would like to say how much we all in the Buckler Register who came to SpeciaLS Day at Burford enjoyed the day. We would all like to thank you very much for the effort you put into making it such a success. We, like you are a small club with limited resources but we feel that we would like to make a small donation to help with the costs of setting up the event. Please let us know where we can send this to.
Kind regards
Chris Johns

NameBengt Blad
CommentsNice to see a well cared web-site, especially the Falcon pictures was interesting.

Nameken rees
Commentsowned a fairthorpe em in late 60s vxf 618 an early one i think with the triangular air intake it had 948cc std 10 engine which i replaced with a herald 1200 lump remember it holding its own against mates with mga and mustang neither of which could stay with it off the line but it ran out of gears eventually is it still out there also found a special recentley with boat tail and riley looking front end but tax disc said fairthorpe? as it been re bodied i wonder thanks for bringing back happy memories

Namepeter west
Locationreading uk
CommentsI owned an dark blue Electron Minor in late 60s/early 70s reg 830 DUO. Sold it to an Aussie who toured the UK in it one summer and then tried to sell it back to me when he'd finished - which I declined.
Anyone know if it's still about?
Cheers, Peter.

NameJohn Cummins
CommentsThey look a lot better now than they did when they were new. Nice restorations.

NameNigel Wills-Browne
Comments'Twas good to chat to you guys at the NEC the other day, as you may know I've owned a Talisman, JWC 74 a lomg time ago and have had a lot to do with Andrew Mudie's MBG 985...keep up the good work, regards, Nigel.

NameAndrew Rothwell
LocationDerbyshire UK
CommentsOutstanding website. I have been fascinated by Fairthorpes ever since I had a book as a child with a story about how one was built - I guess many of you will be familiar with that. The company story in the book is fascinating. I'm interested in buying an early car (pre'60?) - have seen (and missed) some of the ones that have come up on ebay in the last year or so (including the "not-fairthorpe" ie. EM shell on a Herald chassis that's for sale at the moment, July 2010!). I'm looking for a complete, reasonably original and running car to use and show, and possibly light competition eg. sprints. I don't object to something in stripped-out competition form but not a basket case, please. Keep up the good work chaps, this club represents the true spirit of post-war British sports car. enthusiasts

NameSimon Robinson
Commentslooking for a 50's /60's special coupe or with hardtop. Up to 1000pounds paid so anything considered.

Namepeter west
CommentsLiked the potted history of the Fairthorpes.
I owned an EM 830 DUO for a few years in the late '60s/early '70s. Would be interested to know if it still exists?
Thanks, Peter West.

NameBill Bennett
LocationAlbany, NY USA
CommentsAny Elva Courier people out there. A bit bigger than an Electron but still limited production British Fiberglass. I'm starting to re-rebuild my '59 which I drove for 9 years but has been idle for the last 20.

Locationmantova-north italy
CommentsLast year I purchased a Fairthorpe Electron Minor mark 2,1959 born.
Now it have a body in bad conditions,but all the mechanical part are in very good condition.
At the moment I'm am in work to restore it.
At the end of the job i'll send some pictures.

Namedave davies
CommentsI hope some other eagle-eyes spotted the red EM 1 fairthorpe on top gear 03/01/10.It briefly appeared during article about road signage.Sadly,reg not visible,but it had a chrome strip up bonnet,chrome bar with spotlights and curved-top doors.Catch it on BBC watch again .Fame at last! Best wihes,Dave.

NameMartyn Kelham
CommentsA sad story!

In 1970 I purchased an Ashley Sportiva Coupe - based (unusually) on an Austin Somerset (1954). The car had been built by a friend of my father's in 1960.

My girlfriend and I had the car resprayed bright orange (it was the 70's) by a friendly garage - and we used it to leave the reception at our wedding. A short time after that, with finances being very restricted, we had not put enough anti-freeze in the engine - and during one cold night of the winter of 70 it blew every core plug. At this point the car was laid up for many years - until in the late 80's and with a good double garage to work in, my eldest son and I began a serious restoration. Specifically we:

Removed the coupe hardtop
Removed the body from the chassis
Purchased another Austin Somerset in order to get a better less corroded chassis
Removed the engine and re-built it with new pistons, rings, crank re-grind, re-bore, valves, springs, etc.
Re-built the rear part of the car (between the fibreglass wings) with a beech and aluminium frame (rather like a Morgan with the spare mounted on the panel).
Lowered the body about four inches on the chassis - adjusting steering angle, pedals etc.
Rebuilt a completely new floor partly sunk within the chassis members
Fitted the re-built engine and finished it to a high standard
Fitted a Triumph Spitfire windscreen and surround
Painted the chassis with 7 coats of cellulose
Had made and fitted a new wiring loom
Fitted new copper brake pipes and re-built all the brakes.
Fitted the car with Jensen A40 Sports wheels - I owned an A40 Sports at the same time.
Remoted the gear change back with a rod and clevis arrangement.
Re-trimmed the interior (but not the seats)
Started to work on the very fine Ashley Laminates body - we were aiming for a very, very high standard. (My son now owns the Vintage and Classic Paintshop in Gloucestershire so I think we might have made it!)
We experimented a little - trying drop down doors (unsuccessfully) but ultimateley the car would have finished up as nice excample of a 50's special - no gimmicks or modern bits and a very beautiful shape.

About 10 years ago we moved house and began to restore an old cottage whilst also building our own motorhome - so the Ashley got shelved once again. This time it was garaged in a barn in Oxfordshire - on a disused airfield owned by some very good friends of mine.

I kept a fairly close watch on things until about 7 years ago when we started our own business. We knew the car was still there and safe about four years ago. About two years ago, my friends were approached to rent out half of the barn. They built a wall and moved my car and lots of other stuff into one side. The guy had a completely false identity and was never contactable again. My friends sent one of their employees down to check things out and he was attacked and beaten up by 'travellers' from a nearby council operated caravan park. As there was little of value in 'their' side (and my friends had forgotten all about my car), they were not too concerned and let things slide. (They are very busy and successful business men and this was not high on their priorities).

We met up for dinner the other evening and I mentioned the car - whereupon their faces became ashen. They had truly forgotten all about the car and determined to go down the following day to check things out. They did and discovered that 'tenant' had demolished the wall, cleared out the barn completely (including my Ashley) and filled the barn with horses and ponies. Rumour has it that these are bred and stored to go to Holland to be used for animal food.

Forty years of ownership has come to an end. Of course I blame myself for not keeping a better eye on it or bringing it nearer home. We have been talking of late about re-starting the restoration but now of course it will never happen.

I still have the log book so presumably if anyone attempts to re-register it, the DVLA will contact me. I have contacted them to request this. If anyone tries to register it as a Q plate they will have some difficulty - the engine does not tie up with the chassis or the chassis with the body - nothing is original.

Rather than being sold off to some unsuspecting 50's specials enthusiast - we suspect it was just cut up and scrapped by the travellers. Like I said -a sad story indeed.

However, if anyone knows any different - I will pay money to get it back.

NameRoger Sieling
EmailSARL45 at hotmail.com
LocationOhio USA
CommentsI own the Falcon bodied Sprite built by Healey Cape Works and raced at 1960 Sebring 12hr and LeMans 24hr. I am working deligently to have it restored in time for next years Sebring race, to celebrate 50 years. I read somewhere that the club had headlamp covers to fit, which I will need.


Namedave davies
Comments20 aug 09.Hi all,great site.Good to see9854 PO photo I took at Gosport in about 1980.I loved that car.Hello Glynn.Yes I remember,particularly the weedkiller at Minster,happy days!If Fairthorpe Farrago is still used in the mag,I coined the phrase,farrago meaning hotch-potch or medley.This was indicative of how I assembled my registrars' articles.best wishes to the Club.Dave Davies

NameRenzo Ghio
LocationGenoa Italy
CommentsI like English sport cars of 1950/60 and I remember having seen at that time a Fairthorpe dealer in Genoa named Automyl. If possible I would like to know more about(and possibly see) the chassis of the Electron Minor.
Best regards,

CommentsI have just taken a look at the Fairthorpe book and on the front was the car that my brother in law has,with the registration RNJ957,car number 70,this car is more or less identical to the one shown on the front of this book cover.This car is for sale for reasonable offers,get back to me...

Commentsmy brother in law has a rare fairthorpe car wich he used to work on quite regular until he had ill health.I know he would sell the car as apparently there were only 6 of this model made,in my opinion the car is half done and would make a great project for someone.I can get all the details for this vehicle iff needed.please get back to myself if anybody can help me on how to sell this car..

NameSimon Robinson
CommentsHaving just read the Tornado book , I now realise the Tornados im interested in are Typhoons or i think the Tempest. ( the drop nose front )the red one like on page 54 of photos.It would have to have a hard top as it would be built up for everyday use (i drive a robin at the mo) If anyone has one for sale please email me.
many thanks

NameSimon Robinson
I'm really interested in trying to find a Tornado to buy . Is there any chance of one ever coming up for sale? email me on simr2001@hotmail.com

Namealberto sassi
CommentsI'm in discussion to buy a car model electron minor born in 1959.
I hope close as soon is possible with success.
good bye

al sassi

NameEd Reilly
LocationOntario, Canada
CommentsI built a Tornado Typhoon in Scotland back in 1959, it was the 4 seat version in red, this car made all in my town stare as it went by, it took me two years to complete, & I had to sell it sadly to come to Canada in 1962. I used mostly LMB components (Les Bellamy) I really miss those days so much now.

NameHans Ludolphi
CommentsCongratulations to your very excedlent site.
I owned a Fairthorpe around the 1960 in Cape Town-South Africa and it was a real funcar at that time.
Enjoyed looking at the pictures of the Fairthorpe Cars and reading about the history.


Namedieter schlich
Locationwest germany-rheinland pfalz
Commentswonderfull pictures of tornado,falcon,fairthorpe--not to get here in germany.i have an dutton phaeton s3-very happy with this oldie and such more good sportsvehicles-best regards from germany--it is a land what not so free in car designes and very well blocked what is fun and beautyfull.

NameRoehrs, Christoph
Emailnotwender at yahoo dot de
CommentsHi, I´m looking for Specifications and/or pictures of the front suspension of the Electron Minor from 1959. Is it built with separate Springs and levershockabs. or teleskopics with integr. Springs? Thanks for helps

NameFrankie Oxley
LocationSolihull West Midlands
CommentsHello everyone. my name is Frankie. I am 11 years old and my grandad has just bought me a Fairthorpe to restore. Its number plate is 9000 NX.It will be brilliant when restored to former glory. I will be looking for lots of help and advice in the future.

Kind regards Frankie.

NameSteven Hutchinson
LocationLancashire, UK
CommentsHello, Great Site! - if anyone out there has any fairthorpe electron minor parts, interior, body for sale for my restoration project then please contact me - Thanks! S

NameGeorge Nikolopoulos
LocationAthens, Greece
CommentsCongratulations for your excellent site! I own a Triumph Ashley which I raced in 2006 Acropolis Rally.
We will be in touch..

LocationLouisville, KY.
CommentsI love the Ashley's.. thnx remembering the good stuff.. and bringing it to the rest of the world.

NameJohn Hartley
LocationHertford, UK.
CommentsA colleague and I co-own Fairthorpe TX Tripper EYV 11J and hope to post pictures of your site soon. We will join the Club in the near future.
The site is great and a good introduction to any Fairthorpe etc. car.
Best wishes to you all,

Nameemil Larsson
LocationGothenburg, Sweden
CommentsYes, Dick Lord raced a Fairthorpe Electron. All I know about him is that he was supposed to attend a SCCA race at Virginia International Raceway in 1961 but for some reason never made it to the track.

Namenorman reid
CommentsThanks for the opportinity to relive my youth.
I had great fun with the electron as a 18/19 year old in edinburgh scotland where I was born.
keep up the good work

NameDave LaChance
LocationBennington, VT
CommentsDoes anyone remember a driver named Dick Lord who raced a Fairthorpe Electron? I'm wondering if he had an interest in art; I've located a sketch that he might have done.

NameCharlie Skinnerch
LocationEpping, Essex
CommentsMy 1961 F EM 749 TTW remains central to my 38 years of motoring. I nowccive various exotica but my old EM remains close to heart. Sadly, I lost her in a fire many moons ago. What a great site this is. Well done guys for keeping the spirit of these great little handlers alive....

Namepeter sendall
CommentsA collegue showed me a newsletter pamphlet last week.(Historic specials weekend 2006) I was amazed to see a picture of a Buckler AKS as I used to own one 20 years ago. I would really like to contact the owner to see if I could see the car.

LocationSouth Africa
CommentsI built an Electron Minor in Crawley sussex in 1959. i sold it in 1961 when I emigrated. I wonder if it still exists. The registration number was 9854 PO.

CommentsI was recently tracked down and reminded by Dave Mailins that I was club newsletter editor way back in 1981!!!

It seems that the club has flourished over the past 25 years and I would like to just say hello to anyone who might still remember me or my Talisman (5116 PP) and Fairthorpe (4346 MV) - do they still exist?

Nowadays I live in France and my FUN car is a Caterham 7.

May the club go on to even bigger things during the next 25 years.



NameRoberto Vespa
LocationAncona Italy
Commentsreally interesting and complete all is cleare
Roberto Vespa

NameFrancesco Arcieri
LocationRoma / Italy
CommentsThe most interesting classic car club in the world is a my club:The Fairthorpe!

Namewillie simpson
CommentsA great improvement on previous site. Well done to all concerned.Hope to see you at AGM with a new engine in situ!!

Namemick stead
Commentswot! no autobee pic!otherwise excelent selection. delighted to make the cover of the newsletter. thanks anna/tony.

NameEmil Larsson
LocationGothenburg, Sweden
CommentsNice site, Well done. Was looking through the club car photos. I thought Andy Winston´s Fairthotpe was an Electron, not an EM? I also wonder if the Fairthorpe with reg. pbw 889 is an electron or an em?

NameBrian Townsend
LocationThe Dengie Hundred, Essex
CommentsA very professional site that reflects the interests of all members. Well done to all involved.

NameRob James
CommentsAt last its here well done! just what the club needed to maintain its presence and hopefully attract younger members.Everyone must be encouraged to use it and we must all make the effort to reply to postings to make it work.

NameReinhard Gnann
Locationthe wild south
Commentsthis is a wonderful new page for our babies, thanks a lot. hope to get more informations and contact to the lucky (?) owners...
look at another special website from germany: www.oldtimer-and-art.de

best wishes and we see us at burford in august!!!!