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USS Ticonderoga CV 14- crew member search

Posted by on August 29, 2011 at 00:59:04:

To Big T CV-14 web-site owners:
I am wondering if anyone on this Big T CV-14 memorial web-site, remembers my close family friend, Lt. JG Frank H. Ferguson,USN, Master Chief Gunnery Officer, Fire Control Tower Mark 37, USS Ticonderoga CV-14-CVA-14.
Frank Ferguson used to spend hours telling me stories of his coming aboard the Big T, as crew, pre-commissioning, (in 1943?), before the ship was launched.
Frank stayed deployed on the USS Ticonderoga for the duration of the rest of WWII. He then served on other Naval ships during her decommissioned status between late 1940's and 1952.
When Frank heard the Navy was recommissioning the Ticonderoga in 1952, he then transferred back aboard the BIG T as Master Chief Gunnery Officer and stayed aboard until he shipped out of the Navy in 1969, I believe it was.
Does anyone remember Frank H. Ferguson?
Please contact me via email, if you do remember him.
Frank is the reason I joined the Navy in 1973. He was a close personal friend, as well as family friend, as well as 100% proud US Navy Officer and loved serving aboard the USS Ticonderoga CVA-14, he called the proudest, most wonderful gallant Big lady flat-top on the high seas, as he used to smile and fondly remember.
Frank came back aboard the Ticonderoga for a couple days, just before Zidell Marine Salvage yards, scrapped the Big T.
He thought the scrapping of such a proud, fine warship like the USS Ticonderoga, was a sad, sorry, complete waste of such a fine Naval warship with such a great battle record! He was very upset after his tour, knowing they were scrapping his home on the high seas, for so many long years.
I truly understand how attached a sailor can become to his ship, particularly a proud, gallant fighting lady, such as USS Ticonderoga, CV-CVA-14 truly was!
Thank you!
Gary S.

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