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If your husband is a spender, and you are a saver SM

Posted by renee on October 09, 2005 at 23:53:36:

then how do you meet eye to eye?

My husband and I came into some money recently (let's just say hard work paid off) and the day it was deposited, he was off buying toys with it. I was thinking of investing it, and I said so, but he acted as though it was our play money and has spent about half of it so far! Makes me so mad, but I'm afraid to start an all-out war if I say anything.

I suppose you could say this has been a problem in our marriage for a long time but usually it's just small amounts of money so no big deal. This time we're talking about thousands of dollars that make me sick to see wasted on junk!

My mom told me I should go to a counselor (I'm not totally sure who's side she is on) and my best friend said it's a sign of bigger problems and our marriage is in trouble. NO!!!

So I'm wondering what other people do in situations like this. Maybe if we split the money? But then he's pretty much already spent his half. And then should he benefit from any money I invest when he's spent his half? Should he have any say in where that money goes if I invest it? Lots of trouble over here. Thanks for listening.

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