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Thank you all so much for the words of support, update inside

Posted by Old Mom on May 17, 2005 at 10:52:09:

In Reply to: Been there. I can sympathize with you and you're probably right posted by sm on May 10, 2005 at 13:56:21:

LG has cooked her own goose and doesn't even know it yet. She felt the need to go into the hospital where DS is now more coherent and able to talk with us, and she decided to share with him her troubles with this situation (she's out of the loop, she's being left out, I'm mean to her, she's taking care of everything, landlord is a "prick," blah, blah, blah). BUT, I THANK GOD that my son knows his true foundation and knows what kind of people we really are. We were able to explain to him everything that has gone on, his landlord has called us because the LG would not even answer the door for him when she was in the living room dancing to music, she wouldn't return his calls, etc, and landlord finally blocked her in the driveway so she had to call him but she "don't know what she's going to do" to pay the rent. Now we've had to agree to pay the rent for the month and move all my son's belongings out before the end of the month so he can get it rented. This little -itch just cost my husband and I almost $1000 by the time we reach the end of this trip just to get my son out from under something I wanted to do before he owed another month's rent, but we'll do what we need to for our DS. He's given us permission to move his stuff, told us what is his and what is hers and what stays in the apartment. He told us LG was pushing for him to sign over to her power of attorney and medical proxy and she's giving hers to him. DS says, "Mom, I can't do that. She's not stable enough for me to give that to her." THANK GOD!!! I'm just so happy that he's a smart man...even after all the things he's done the past year. At least when it comes to the brass tacks he knows who he can trust and who he can't.

DS told us that DIL did everything right for him and that he has every intention of staying close friends with her for the sake of the boys. I've talked with DIL several times and even though I know she really wants DS back as a husband, she's willing to have the friendship if that's all she gets. SHE's one amazing woman!!! She has been so supportive and strong through all of this for my DS and I'm sure will continue to be.

DS's illness will keep him down for awhile, they don't know how long until he's well enough to even leave the hospital, but he's alive and I can talk with him and that's all I care about at this point. Now I'm determined to make sure LG can do no more damage than she's already done and when he lands out of the hospital it will be on his feet without a mountain over his head financially. LG definitely is losing this battle...and hopefully the war. If DS decided to go back to LG when he's out of the hospital, I'd suck it up and deal with her the best that I can, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Thanks again for all your support in these family situations. I am truly thankful for a place to vent when things get rough.

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