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It's been awhile since I was here and once again need some advice.

Posted by Old Mom on May 09, 2005 at 08:19:42:

My son seperated from my dear DIL a whole year ago. Within days of seperating, he started seeing this other woman (I'll call her LG for little girl because that's what she acts like), who I truly believe was the other woman and the reason for the seperation. Okay, now a year has gone by and I had decided for family peace I will get along with this LG and accept the relationship....until the past two weeks. My son got seriously ill and as I'm sitting in the waiting room praying for his life and watching my DIL do her darndest to be strong for my son, this nasty LG has nothing for strength and starts screaming and carrying on about how she's losing her source of income and she'll lose everything and how will she explain it to her 3 yo child (btw NONE of her 5 children live with her), and on and on about her. NOT one peep about the awful things my son is going through and how will he survive and live, what will his 3 boys do if their daddy is not there for them, nothing but all about HER.

I talked with her a couple days later, and it's still all about HER. SHE's the one who made my son grow up the last year and become responsibie, she's the one in charge, she's going to take care of everything, SHE's has not held a job in over a year, has been in jail TWICE in the last 2 years and she's getting all his mail and not turning over any of it to me to take care of......I'm having a hard time here understanding this little leech and I can't stand it. I know my son who has now become coherent and can talk to us again, has enough troubles looking at him for the next year and I can't lay any of this on him and I just have to sit there and watch this LG play here game with him. I think I'm gonna go out of my mind!!!! I had tried to talk to this LG about how my son's disability will not pay for their $600 house on top of his car payment, insurance, etc, but SHE's "going to keep everything the way it is so he won't be totally upset when he comes home." I can't believe her, she's going to let the bills build in his name while she lives in a house he can't afford and run up God knows how many bills which he won't be able to pay...and she's "going to take care of it." I don't understand....I just don't understand.

Thanks for the place to vent, sometimes I truly do need to just get things off my chest. I know there are no easy answers to this.

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