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not apologizing for being a darm liberal (sm)

Posted by Pam on Fri, Jun 24 2022 at 10:14 PM CDT:

In Reply to: Best advice I saw on twitter today to raging liberals posted by SM on Fri, Jun 24 2022 at 03:39 PM CDT:

I admit to being a liberal in my old age. I certainly am not the ignorant woman you hope that I am. And I don't think that you, as a conservative, are ignorant ... but maybe you are??

I am retired. I had a job at 14, not counting yard work and babysitting in my younger years. Full time job all my years after that. I paid in all my life, but not too much so I get a check that is not enough money to live on. What I live on is what I saved over the years. The "government" doesn't take care of me ... my SS helps, but that is money I paid into so I don't count it as the government giving to me, just giving back what I shared over time (government earned the interest over the years, and I knew that but didn't have an option to not pay). If I had of taken that same cash and invested myself I would have more because I seem to be good at investing, but that was not nor it is yet our option.

Next, I used BC when it first became available through Planned Parenthood -- even though I was still a virgin and planned to be until marriage (which I did wait for and am still married to him). I used it because it seemed to be a reasonable option in case of "emergency" and I knew a few friends who had something happen (date rate/family rape/horrible rape and a few poor choices). BC regulated my periods, so I did get that as a positive thing.

I made GREAT decisions in my life and have never expected the government to take care of me. Yet I think our government (we, the people) should help those in need, for whatever reason they became in need. My taxes show that I make close to maximum charitable donations through the years, some cash some volunteer time. ALL of my tax listings are honest and true. And even in retirement I believe that I offer more than usual in donations.

So, I was "grown up" likely long before you were born and I believe that I handled myself as a "grown up" even as a younger lady. I used BC when it was available, and so did my friends ... not always with 100%. And I would put my life decisions against yours any day ...
And I would not mind a bit if it turned out that you were wonderful.

If you knew me, which a few still on the Restuvfus board do know me, I am known as someone who very very much takes care of others ... certainly known as a liberal, but hopefully known as a caring individual.

I am NOT a liberal that needed, in my day or now, to grow up, get a job or make better decisions. I did a darn good job of all of those things. And now I watch news, various options, and make some more darn good decisions.

I probably shouldn't sign my name to this, but it seems fair since I wrote this much.

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