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Why does any civilian need an AR 15?

Posted by Nm on Sat, May 28 2022 at 12:25 PM CDT:

In Reply to: police were there posted by sm on Sat, May 28 2022 at 11:35 AM CDT:

: President Trump spoke at the NRA convention:

: "In the absence of a member of law enforcement, there is no one you would rather have nearby when a crisis strikes than an armed expertly trained member of the NRA,"

: Those first words are important - "In the absence of a member of law enforcement"

: Police/law enforcement were there and in charge of the situation. We cannot have armed citizens override law enforcement judgement, even with the admitted "mistakes" in this instance.

: There are stories of those willing to risk their lives to help at the school, but they were held back by law enforcement. Even if they were trained with guns they were not trained for a situation like this.

: If you are at home and someone breaks in, hopefully you have a gun and are trained to protect yourself and your family until police arrive. If you are in public you can only hope a trained and armed citizen will step up for you until police arrive. I can personally attest to being in both of these situations. Police cannot be everywhere, even the really good cops.

: We certainly need better control of guns. Some laws exist but are not being used efficiently. There are laws that could be added, reasonable but not restrictive to the general public. And we need lots of work on the mental health situation, including family and friends being involved.

: The 2nd Amendment gives us a right to own guns. It never gave us a right to own a tank or a cannon, so why an AR-15? I get that military-style weapons are fun, but they are just not reasonable ... especially considering many of the mass shootings over recent years. Perhaps some weapons belong in a special class, with a special license -- not outright ban, but certainly not "over the counter" purchases.

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