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one valid reason (sm)

Posted by Pam on Wed, Oct 06 2021 at 12:16 PM CDT:

In Reply to: Give some valid reasons why there should be a mandate when 35 kids posted by have died and thousands have died from listed reasons. on Tue, Oct 05 2021 at 06:50 AM CDT:

** None of the other listed deaths can be prevented, or even reduced, with a simple shot. **

We do not want our children to get sick or die from something so easily preventable. That is why so many vaccinations are mandated for schools. History has shown that mass vaccination can control and even literally wipe out a disease.

The unvaccinated, including children, are passing on this disease to other unvaccinated, continuing the pandemic. When vaccinations first started the rates of illness and death dropped dramatically.

These numbers began climbing because we did not reach enough of our population fast enough.
As we continue to vaccinate (and booster) we will gain more control over Covid spread, but the initial hope to wipe it out quickly has passed.

I find it interesting that the reasons for not being vaccinated seem to slowly change. At first too many believed Covid was no worse than the flu and not a pandemic and was seasonal and would go away on its own. Then it was only the old and infirmed, high risk people. It was invented too fast and not tested. There were claims of ridiculous side effects and other conspiracy theories. Next it was legitimate but rare side effects causing fear. Now it is a lot about "my body" (which is legitimate if the true reason).

And recently I hear that Covid isn't as deadly as other causes of death. Again, this may be factually true but not the same. Covid is a disease that we can vaccinate against, and with continued masking (a whole 'nother issue) we can get better control over these senseless deaths.

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