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If you say so Einstein.

Posted by nm on Tue, Oct 05 2021 at 12:01 PM CDT:

In Reply to: Pegged ya! No refutations, just crap talk. posted by nm on Tue, Oct 05 2021 at 11:36 AM CDT:

: : : : : Everyone is susceptible to mind control when under great stress and disorientation, and these groups use social media to bombard their targets with messages that sow doubt, fear and confusion about the Covid-19 vaccine. As a result, a significant portion of the US population is refusing to get vaccinated and putting themselves at risk of being hospitalized or dying from Covid-19.

: : : : : Helping people to overcome these fears is the only way to end this pandemic.

: : : : : Here are three specific ways anti-vaccination groups use deception to influence the public:

: : : : : Withholding vital information
: : : : : Anti-vax influencers tout anecdotes of adverse reactions without mentioning how rare they are. These anecdotes are a form of phobia indoctrination. Anti-vaxxers withhold information about the vaccines, causing people to fear that by getting vaccinated, they would be putting themselves at a high risk of severe side effects. The reality is that instances of serious negative physical reactions to the vaccine are very rare.

: : : : : Distorting information

: : : : : Anti-vax groups distort information by misinterpreting data and casting doubt on the scientific process. For instance, many anti-vax influencers claim that the vaccine is dangerous because it is new and was rapidly developed. But in reality, Covid-19 vaccines make use of technology that has been extensively studied for decades...

: : : : : Outright lying
: : : : : Last year, an anti-vax propaganda film went viral. The film falsely claimed that the Covid vaccine is a money-making scheme for a group of elites, who are hiding evidence that the vaccine causes medical harm. It likely successfully implanted vaccine phobias for many who watched it.

: : : : : Of course, we know that billions of doses have been administered worldwide. That is a huge sample size, and the absence of any widespread serious side effects speaks to the vaccine's safety.

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