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Is there a reason you did not quote his entire tweet?

Posted by You missed 99 percent of what he said. SM on Fri, Oct 01 2021 at 08:27 AM CDT:

In Reply to: Robert Malone: "Go pound sand" LOL! His true colors posted by come shining through. SM on Fri, Oct 01 2021 at 06:17 AM CDT:

You should be praising this man for his honesty and courage. Why are you so afraid of information being discussed that YouTube and Dr. Fauci doesn't like? It's really strange that you don't want this information out there.

Here's what Dr. Malone really said and what you left out when you selectively quoted him. You might want to explain to us how this makes him an "anti-vaxx."


And one thing that I have learned through this outbreak is that "The Press" is deeply corrupted. So I no longer care about what "The Press" (ergo the trusted news initiative cabal) has to say. This is actually quite liberating.

But the moment I stop being honest and start worrying about bending truth because of how it might be perceived is the moment that they have won, and I stop being effective as an honest broker of truth.

So to those who are now gaslighting me about my disclosing my professional activities and potential conflicts of interest because of how it might appear, and that they might alienate some followers, I say "go pound sand". I really do not care. Go away.

I am trying to help all who follow to be able to gain access to the data as they exist, to understand, and to be able to see through the autoritarianism, propaganda, censorship, and media spin. That is what I can do via this twitter activity.

But I must remain honest and forthright. Or else I will have been assimilated into their world, and will just be yet another compromised talking head with an agenda.

And at this point, I believe that vaccines for those at high risk make sense. Universal vaccination does not. Mandates to receive a medical intervention are wrong. Lockdowns cause more harm than good. Physicians should be allowed to practice medicine without coersion.

Science and scientists must be free to discuss theories and data, without fear of "cancel culture". And Patients have fundamental rights to maintain the integrity of their bodies and to decide for themselves whether or not to accept a medical procedure or intervention.

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