We have all heard that politics and religion are not discussed in polite society. Well, this board was created for those of us who would like a forum to discuss those subjects that others aren’t so passionate about. Other than legalities associated with message boards such as this, the rules here are simple – no bullying other posters (bullying can take many forms) and no person other than public figures (meaning specifically other MTs) should be discussed here. Racism will not be tolerated. Please report legal violations or bullying (include a link to the specific post) on the Restuvus Monitors Board, and we will delete the post/s if warranted. Remember you can only post about 40 words of copyrighted material and then follow that up with a link to the source. It is not required that any poster place within their post any statement that their post is simply their opinion. That is understood.

Can you discuss issues without bullying your opponent?
Enjoy your stay!

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