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This message board is for reporting of problems or complaints to the monitors of The Restuvus. If there is post you feel violates the rules below, or you feel a post of yours was wrongfully deleted, please report that here. A monitor will get back to you. This will keep the atmosphere of the main board focused towards the positive. The monitors of The Restuvus do not want to have a heavy hand when it comes to monitoring, but the information below will be grounds for deletion:

*Advertisements not approved by the board owner.
*Personal attacks against individuals on the board or other internet boards.
*Please be considerate when posting jokes or remarks regarding any group based on ethnicity, race, religion, gender, or partnership preference. Overt hatred toward any group will be removed.
*Please do not bash the boards, ours or others. We do the best job we can to keep Restuvus a comfy home for all.
*Please do not post personal information about other posters unless you have their direct permission to do so.
*Please do not bring personal information or fights taken from other boards to this board.
*Please do not copy and paste more than 40 words of copyrighted material, and always include a link.
*Report spam, harassing posts, or posts that violate any of the board rules to the Monitors board. If you feel your post was deleted in error or in a manner that was unfair, the Monitors board is the place to debate your case.
*Posts harassing the board members or its monitors regarding why a post was removed will be deleted.
*Mild profanity is tolerated, but please consider the context of its use. We would prefer it not be used at all but understand that sometimes no other word will suffice.
*Repeated violation of board rules will result in your IP being banned for a period of time. If you feel that you have been banned unfairly, please post to the monitors board.
*FOOD FOR THOUGHT regarding Restuvus: Posters have a right to vent about issues in their lives. Posters have a right to share as much personal insight into situations as they wish. This board is not the place for an inquisition. If you are not satisfied with an answer given to you, you need to leave the topic alone and move on to someplace else. Threads are left up on the board for information's sake. It gives people something to think about and maybe even research for herself or himself. This board is to be a place you can call home. This board is a place where you should be able to say what is on your mind without feeling like you're being stalked or badgered. Please. The original spirit of this board was to be that of a friendly community. Let's work on it being so.

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