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have you seen SpaceX ??

Posted by Pam on Mon, Jan 02 2023 at 09:11 PM CST:

One evening last year my DH took me out for ice cream. It was a drive-through, but I was thrilled just to be out of the house and certainly thrilled with an ice cream sundae.

He ordered and we were in the car and I looked out the windshield and saw something ... not sure what but it looked different than a planet or a plane or really anything. So I got out of the car. He was so mad at me, but I knew it was something I had never seen before. And I "want to believe".

It was amazing to see .. and the young lady behind us in the car line saw me being amazed and got out of her car to look herself. She was very young and got out her cell phone, so she can prove what we saw. DH still wasn't happy with me saying it might be a space alien and just ignored me telling hm to get out and watch!!

It went from a bright light to a string of lights and I was shocked watching it. NOTHING I had ever seen, and I watch a lot of alien-stuff on TV.

So, we took our ice cream and went home. And then later the local news showed what I saw ... it was SpaceX flying over our city and "breaking up" from launch into individual orbits. So, not a space alien but still WOW.

They just launched another group of satellites and there i was outside looking. Apparently not over my house this time, but some of you might have seen it.

If you ever get a chance, knowing the schedule, go outside and look up. It is awesome. Not space aliens, but still wow to see!

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