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I'm so sorry Pam. Please don't beat yourself up too much. You do

Posted by so much good for the kitties around you, don't forget that. I've had a couple SM on Sun, Nov 27 2022 at 06:13 PM CST:

In Reply to: RIP kitty Waldo (sm) posted by Pam on Sat, Nov 26 2022 at 08:14 PM CST:

times with ferals where I felt horrible, kicking myself for not doing more than I did. I had 2 indoor cats that I felt I did not do enough for in the end. You do what you can and what you think is right, and nobody can ask for more than that.

Waldo was loved by you, he knew that. {{hugs}} to you.

: P3 (a feral cat who had 2 kittens this year) had them, about 14 weeks ago. Both boys, cute as bugs.

: One of them was bigger, so he got out and about earlier and I used to have to go into the yard and call to get him home for breakfast. One time I saw one of the big boy ferals walking down the street towards the house for breakfast ... and behind him was the kitten, trying so hard to run and keep up. This kitten was always "out and about" and I was always looking for him .... thus "Where's Waldo".

: His younger brother (now named Ralph - think about it) really never left the entryway, tiny and sweet. And he got a respiratory infection last week which I treated at home. I would have taken him to the vet but after just 2 days of eye drops and CatSure + chicken broth he was doing very well. And he is just fine now, pretty much fully recovered.

: Then two days ago Waldo had the same weepy eyes. He got the same treatment, drug inside the house for wipe down and eye drops. But that first night his eyes were still a bit weepy, but not too much. I made some more kitten chow in water with CatSure mixed in and by morning he looked almost fine, just a bit tired looking. He did go out in the yard with his friends for some sun, but not too far.

: Yesterday morning both eyes were very weepy and so he got treatment and then stayed in the bathroom for a few hours with food offerings. He ate/drank and seemed to improve so in the evening I put him out with his feral family. This morning his eyes were again weepy, so I treated him and he ate a bit. I assumed he would keep drinking/eating even if I wasn't watching.

: At early afternoon I was on my way out to a charity event and he just did not look good to me. We brought him inside for treatment and heating pad and fluids. I wanted to stay home with him, but DH said I had to go (really this was an important event). So I got extension cord for heating pad and gave him more fluids and hugs. I put him outside (we are in Az, not cold weather) and he was in one of the cat beds with Blackie (a deaf/blind, and also Fuzzy Butt and also his brother Ralph). I figured they would all keep him warm and hopefully love him up.

: And a bit over two hours later we came home and he was gone. Truly nothing would have changed that --- vet visit this evening might have brought us a bit of time, but he went so fast that I don't think they could have saved him.

: My heart is broken. I just plain failed him. I should have rushed him for professional care, but I do this all the time and they almost always either improve or at least fade slowly and get taken for care to save them. He just crashed so fast and I feel worthless.

: So, goodbye little Waldo. He was a good baby boy. Never to be forgotten. So sorry.

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