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Seriously frustrated and need another

Posted by job NOW. sm on Thu, Oct 06 2022 at 09:51 AM CDT:

First, thanks for letting me vent!

I have been searching everywhere for another at home situation. I am over 70 yrs old, DH (who is even older) and I both have to work. I've been an MT 30 years. I've taken 3 decades of abuse from MTSOs, bad dictation and having work sent offshore. I've been trying to get out of this nightmare for the last decade with no luck. I've gone through most of my savings because MT has been a below-poverty wage for that long.

I have health issues so work at home is mandatory (and even if someone out there wanted to hire this old lady which they do not, we only have 1 car and DH needs it for work). I can only work PT so that rules out all the FT employee ads. There are no legit MT companies left to apply to. I am passing over ads where they are offshore owned, or got very bad reviews, or places I've worked before that continue to advertise because they cannot keep people.

I am jealous of the MTs who were able to get out, but I think most of them are probably a lot younger and in better health.

I think most MTs my age are retired. I do collect Soc Sec but it's only half what I need. DH and I have to work until we die or win the Lottery. We'll be dead before the mortgage is paid off.

So.... all I can think of is to try to get a customer service job (I have a very energetic phone personality!) but I've read bad things about those too. But can they be worse than the abuse we've all taken as MTs?

Has anyone explored a customer service situation? I know it is difficult talking to nasty people but at least you still get paid. I am tired of "no-jobs-available" day after day, week after week, year after year.

Any advice/ideas would be appreciated. Has anyone done this kind of work? I won't be offended if you say avoid it at all costs. lol


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