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update (humans and cats)

Posted by Pam on Sun, Aug 21 2022 at 09:52 PM CDT:

In Reply to: prayers needed for friends (sm) posted by Pam on Thu, Aug 18 2022 at 08:35 PM CDT:

Annette's daughter and family met with Trauma today and they know the truth. They have decided that the plug will be pulled on Thursday, which is 10 days. That seems like a long time, but as she really is "brain dead" she isn't suffering so give her family the time they need. Until then they are letting friends come visit and we need that. It must be hell for them, so we are trying to schedule goodbye visits to not overwhelm. (I went yesterday, it was awful and I wish I had not of done it.)

Lou is doing a bit better, fever down. He is still on a ventilator, since Sunday so too long, but they think he is improving from the collapsed lungs (two lobes) and they are hopeful in the next day or so. Best case is he has a year in rehab for his legs and the other stuff will heal with time.

He did lose part of his face and the plastic surgeon said they could deal with that again later. The initial surgery was okay, but not presentable? His family has asked us all to stay away, which makes sense because there are four of them in town and ICU allows just 2 at a time -- this is their time. We will be there for him later, when they have to go home.
On a brighter note, the darling little kittens at my house are growing. Every morning I feed the inside cats and then my front yard outside ferals. First I take a bowl to P3. When I open the front door she is RIGHT THERE. She has figured out that when she hears the click of the lock that I am coming with food! I had been giving her some canned food but DH went to the grocery store and bought Chicken Stock broth and also three cans of chicken. Oh my she is happy! She doesn't know him, so I get the credit!!

Baby One (all gray) has one eye completely open and the other just a bit. Baby Two still closed, which makes me think he will have longer hair (as long hair cats open their eyes a few days later). I just cannot wait!! When babies are a few weeks old they get active and I tell them that their "birth momma" will take care and feed them for a while, but I am their FOREVER momma. They are SO cute. (I am trying to figure out how to open an Instagram so I can post and I will let you know)

Then I come back inside and they smell that I petted others, so they hiss at me!! Then I go to the back yard and feed that group... who also are loving DH's chicken donation. One itty bitty has a weepy eye and she lets me bring her into the bathroom and wash it off and put in drops. I can feel her baby heartbeat is so fast, but after a few minutes she calms down. Today I took her to the kitchen and gave her a bit of canned food and she gobbled! Probably tomorrow she will bite me, but I live with scars!

I hardly ever go anywhere, which annoys my family and few friends. I don't even care ... I am at home with my little darlings and at my age who could ask for more? If I can figure out an Instagram or something like it then I can show you all what I love and tell the stories. My life is just here at home, but oh so wonderful!

FYI - if anyone wants to help me with computer, know that back in the day I was smart and so with some help I can do it (brain injury/accident 8 years ago). kp mc c . ju no.c om

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