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way late to the party ...

Posted by PAM on Fri, Aug 05 2022 at 12:50 AM CDT:

In Reply to: Has this become common place now? Your colonosc. driver posted by must sit in the waiting room during ... sm on Sun, Jul 24 2022 at 12:30 PM CDT:

Sorry, I don't do computer much anymore so this is way late to matter as far as helpful, but funny story ....

I took DH to colonoscopy once, his first. When he was coming out of anesthesia they brought me into the recovery area and asked for doctor info --- apparently there were two docs with the same name in our town. So I'm helping them look it up and then a nurse came by and asked where my DH was.

Well .... I'm going on the assumption they were in charge of him?? Apparently not so much === DH was just awake enough to put on his t-shirt and socks/shoes and he LEFT the facility!! We looked out the window and there was DH walking across the parking lot to the car === no pants, not even underwear!!!

She told me to "go get him" and I told her SHE was still in charge and she should go get him! Poor old man (maybe only 40=something at the time) just held her hand and came back in. We put on his pants and then they sent him home with me.

We still go there for his tests and apparently there is a note in his chart that he is "a runner" so they now make sure I am in the building!!

I cannot even imagine letting Uber/Lift be in charge of someone coming out of that anesthesia. It is like picking up a drunk at a bar ... totally not coherent!

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