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oh my, no clue??

Posted by Pam on Sat, Sep 25 2021 at 11:52 PM CDT:

In Reply to: You can use an online fax service that does not require a landline. posted by The disappearance of copper wire POTS that stayed on through sm on Sat, Sep 25 2021 at 01:59 PM CDT:

My DH was a lineman, so I always knew an estimate of power outage. Actually we kind of know still, years into retirement. Different sounds, different flashes, tell us what went wrong and how long it might be. DH and I are often the very first to call in an outage and usually we ask to be put through to the control room with our info. Which has nothing to do with the initial question, but apparently it was entertaining to me at this moment.

I also know that "back in my day" we sent things by fax and then later used email that we now know are not "secure" at all.

Well, yesterday I had to get with my DH's doc for records. TWO weeks I have been trying to get his records from this one UA doc and everything has gone wrong because everything is now so "secure" and I failed to understand the steps. Finally they agree to just email the darn urinary culture results. They made it seem like the world was ending that we were putting this one sheet of paper available to the entire world. Geez, it was a bad UA culture, but not something that Russia would care about. Seriously, two weeks to get one damn sheet of paper.

So, yes .. this lady is a bit behind the times. I am also behind the times, but I am learning and I shared a bit to encourage her. And what you posted scared me ... so probably scared her. I have actually had a conversation with my DH that if bad things do come to pass he should leave me at home ... NO chance I would make it and I would just be a burden. That has nothing to do with trying to get a job in our current situation.

All she wants is to get what is minimal to get an MT job, and likely her experience will outdo your tech savy. You may not like to hear that but some of us old MTs are damn good at what we do.

Sorry to vent, but this past week has been hard on me. Lost a friend to Covid because of what he believed in and then come monday DH is facing the start of his cancer treatment ... at Mayo so I know this is "good" science and he will be okay, but still I worry because even the best treatment doesn't give us a guarantee.

Done now. Again, sorry to ramble but some nights that is all I can do. No sleep, no rest. I worry, worry. And all I can do is hope for next Saturday when we have better days.

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