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prices are cheap now (sm)

Posted by Pam on Fri, Sep 24 2021 at 03:02 PM CDT:

In Reply to: Have had to decline 3-4 jobs this year posted by due to not having a social media device. SM on Thu, Sep 23 2021 at 08:37 PM CDT:

DH got a cell phone for work years ago (company paid for it). It took me another 10 years to get a flip phone. When he retired he got a flip phone also, but quickly broke it.

I found Great Call, which I guess is now called Lively. We were going to get flip phones but it was only a few dollars more to buy the fancier phone through Walmart (about $100 each, but sometimes they are on sale). Monthly service for unlimited calls and text and internet is just $65 for both of us, I think $33 if we just had one.

I kept the landline for another year and then it was election season and I got SO many robocalls that I unplugged it ... and then canceled. I don't miss it a bit. Now I get maybe 2 calls a month, except for DH checking in. I only get a text once in a while, but for the $5 a month it is worth having it available. I have learned that I love checking email on the phone, as I can just swipe junkmail and it is deleted. And if I want to read an email on the full screen then I just go to the computer and it is there also. DH loves having Lyft on the phone, rather than having to have me do it on the computer and then call me to do it again to get him home. And DH loves the camera, which sends pics to "the Cloud" and I can download them to the computer and save them.

You can check for GreatCall/Lively online or in many magazines. It is considered the old folks phone because it isn't fancy, but I like that.

I would imagine you can download an app for Zoom calls, which are over the included internet service.

There is a map of service areas, which will tell you if you are in an iffy area. I am in a big city so never an issue of service. And I can take a cell phone with me, in case of emergency outside the home. Your landline is only good to you if you are sitting right next to the phone ... not if you are stuck on the floor or outside or away from home.

You can spend a fortune on a fancy phone, but you don't need to. If GC isn't in your area then there should be something else in the same price range with the minimal service you need.

Oh - I also love that I can swipe a button and it is a speaker phone! That makes it easy to talk to someone without creaking your neck and also if it is a business call you have both hands free to take notes!

Good luck to you.

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