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Good thoughts for you and Blackie!

Posted by nm on Tue, Aug 17 2021 at 11:11 AM CDT:

In Reply to: well, here he comes (sm) posted by warning -- cat story on Tue, Aug 17 2021 at 01:38 AM CDT:

: A couple years ago I looked outside and there was a kitten. He wasn't too tiny but still very young. I walked out and he ran. And then after many, many tries I finally got to touch him, not quite petting but I did get in a bit of touching on his ears, and it made me happy. Then just a few days later there was "an incident" with my neighbor and the little cat had a head injury that I was pretty sure he wouldn't survive. I took him into the house and fed him, literally holding his head through seizures/shaking body and using a syringe to get food/water into him. DH thought I was doing my best and it turned out I did get him through. A few weeks of gentle care, and a few months of literally holding him up to learn to stand and eat out of a bowl. And then he started standing on his own and I was so proud.

: I do have videos of him when he first started "walking" around -- like a crazy drunk walk. And then a couple months later he could go up the two stairs to get to me. He wasn't just going to survive, I knew my little boy could thrive, with protection.

: I already have 9 cats in the house so he got "put back out" to the back yard, which is a very safe place. He was SO happy and everyone took care of him. And then the video when he first went from the yard to the patio back to me and literally YEAH he ate out of the bowl on his own, without falling over at all!! I knew he was going to be okay. And he has been growing and happy and wonderful all this time.

: So last week, at age 2-3/4, something was different. He still can't walk too well, the neuro issue. And he is deaf as doornail. But now I am seeing vision issues-- green reflection, obviously dilated eyes.

: So I asked tonight. He HAS to live in the house. My outside kitties have a great life, very protected. Many cats live inside a house and don't have the attention I give. But he needs more, protected.

: So DH said I can bring Blackie inside.

: Tomorrow we are going to bring Blackie inside for however long. If he gets upset he can go back to his entryway. My inside kitties are so used to each other that I am hoping they don't mind one more. Yet I know there will be issues --- children don't always behave.

: I am hopeful we can do this fast. If not we do it an hour at a time. Little Blackie WILL be moving inside. And my inside cats will be his friends ... he is used to his outside friends so I don't think he will be scared of new friends. My inside cats may not be thrilled, but I will let them know it is okay.

: So, I am writing this down because I have believe that if I put pen to paper then it counts.

: I love all my babies and now one more is moving inside. He has been "mine" since I first saw him and now he will be "ours", inside, forever. He had a bad childhood, and so did I. So taking care of him makes me happy. And having his loud mouth will be fun (deaf cats are loud).

: Thanks for "listening"

: Good luck to Blackie -- we will work it out!!

: (Yes, he has been to the vet quite a few times and more to come. He cannot be neutered because of his neuro issues, so we will deal with that. He is UTD on vaccines and routine BW, actually more than usual labs because of his issues. Hopefully we can get him comfy soon and then get into the "yearly" vet visits that everyone else has. I don't post about vet visits because they aren't interesting, but everyone has them.)

: Again, I post this because I think ya'll's good thoughts for Blackie will help him. Thank you!!

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